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Datu's specific background isn't discussed directly, weather he was 1st generation American born to immigrant parents, or if he was an immigrant himself...
I think of the character as speaking English as a second language... that he speaks it well but is still getting accustomed the proper syntax. Hence the unusual cadence to the his speech mannerisms. I have known some people that were speaking English as a second language and this was true for them as well... an unusual meter and cadence, unusual pauses and word choices in their speech. Not the wrong word per se, but not necessarily the word that an English as a 1st language speaker might have used.
My recollection is that Datu says that he moved his kids back to the Philippines to live with his parents. That leads me to believe that Datu was probably born there and immigrated to the States. As for English as a second language, Datu does break out in Tagalog a few times and doesn't seem to hesitate or stumble over it (not that I speak Tagalog, mind you) so he is probably fluent, if not native, with that language.

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Again, a significant gap in his history. If he is an immigrant, then what was his profession before coming to America? I suspect the character is at the core very mechanically inclined and that his previous occupation was something rather technical and highly placed. But as it seems to be the case, at least popularized, that much of the training, certifications and degrees that immigrants obtained at home is "not accepted" here in the US. Datu then took a job that was closest to what he knew.

That's not to say that "maintenance guy" is a menial position. Being a facilities manager would require you to be well versed in several trades like plumbing, electrician, carpentry, ect.

Matter of fact, I seem to remember Datu saying that he was going to night school to get his contractor's license.
It's stuck in my head that Datu is taking engineering classes in night school. He may have chosen that program and he may have the maintenance job because of a background/talent with mechanical systems.

Then again, he may just be King Datu the Resourceful (props to nikvoodoo....)