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    Not Your Average Bunch of Old Ladies.

    When God raged at man, he laid down the ten plagues of Egypt to show his displeasure with all he held before him.
    He smote the first born. He took the sun from the sky. Boils burned the flesh and locusts swarmed and yet God forgave man and all was well again.
    This time was different; this eleventh plague visited upon man had turned the Earth into hell. I don’t think God is going to forgive us this time...

    Second day of hell at the end of the world.

    Cassie stood at the window on the second floor of the house used by the local chapter of the Marauders motorcycle club as a club house. She peered through the scope of the 30.06 rifle watching the shuffling gait of an elderly woman in a house coat and slippers at their front gate. Cassie felt sick when she zoomed in on the old lady’s face. She picked up the walkie talkie clicking the talk button

    “Lisa, this is Cassie. I’ve got what looks like Mrs. McGilvery from down the street out front.”

    The walkie talkie crackled with static making her stepmother's heavy southern drawl and her answer break and crack.

    “She turned?”

    The vision of the vacant expression and the huge gaping bite taken out of the left cheek of the old woman had answered the question clearly in Cassie’s mind with reluctance she answered


    “Do it and keep it quiet.”

    The command was absolute and final and Cassie obeyed.With skill born of long practice she checked the silencer on the end of the rifle and brought the scope up to her eye placing the cross hair in the center of the neatly quaffed grey haired head of what remained of the older woman and pulled the trigger, watching as an explosion of brains and blood spayed out behind as the frail body crumpled.The hand held squawked again

    “Is it done, Cassie?”

    For a moment Cassie didn’t answer memories of the gentle old woman filled her mind and she fought back tears of grief.

    “Cassie, is it done?”


    “I’m sorry girl. I know you loved her. I should have asked…”

    Cassie cut her off “It was my watch, my duty… its fine.”


    “I said it was fine Lisa.”

    Cassie turned off the hand held throwing it on the bed sitting at the chair next to the window her face in her hands. She’d grown up eating cookies baked by Mrs. McGilvery. Eliza McGilvery had been her mother’s best friend.
    The room was silent Cassie stood pacing her long legs eating up the distance from window to door. A small Polaroid was taped to the windowsill she stopped staring at the face of her husband. Gage was missing as was her father and all but two prospects for the club, ten men in all
    She touched the picture of her husband’s bearded smiling face.

    “You had better not be fucking dead, Gage.”
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    More, please!
    Tomorrow we may die, so let's get drunk and make love!

    "I cannot stress enough how funny this film is due to the delivery of every poorly written line. Keanu Reeves is crying."- attributed to SRRD

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    When the scope of the word and H&R Topper Carbine rifle hit the market, many were confused by the phrase scope of the 30.06 rifle. This led to a lot of questions and concerns. However, scope of the 30.06 rifle doesn't even really mean anything, despite some people's beliefs.



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