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Thread: Foreshadowing

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    I started re listening from the beginning and like so many others found some little bits worth pointing out.

    Chapter 1 Michael about the honker “ I swear I am gonna rip your… outta that car.”
    Chapter 2 Bill responds to Riley asking “how could I be talking to you if I was one of them?”” I don’t know maybe you’re different.”
    And Just to add fuel to the fire
    Saul making a comment about Lizzie needing to repopulate and Riley being a wo-man but we had already gotten our first clue for that from oblivious Mikey

    If this already exists somewhere else or would fit better elsewhere feel free to move it.
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    Yea, WA is ripe with Foreshadowing. Some of it in the immediate, and some of it takes a very long time to pass. My favourite piece of foreshadowing so far is the TIVO clip where we learn that Ink is a mental patient and that he's possibly even related to the "Family", the gang that the mallers and Angels father are a part of.
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