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    Quote Originally Posted by zombeh-kitteh View Post
    SPOILER WARNING> If you haven't listened to Chapter 24, then don't read...

    I don't think "Hannah" is CJ...Kalani was only in the other tower for 3 days. He tells Michael so. I believe that Hannah was the girl the Mallers shot, as punishment for helping instead of hindering the Tower lot. She was expendable, and served the extra purpose of teaching Kalani a lesson. I believe that's also why he didn't hesitate in crashing...(spoiler spoiler).
    Wow. I hadn't thought about that sub-subplot since the end of last season. It might change my opinion of Kalani. I never liked him but if this theory pans out... I dunno. He could have come clean with the tower leadership and tried a rescue mission to get his daughter back but who knows how anyone would act in that situation.
    Look at Saul. He's lost Lizzy and is doing what he thinks is best, for better or worse.
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    Quote Originally Posted by reaper239 View Post
    the problem we run into is i don't think anyone told kalani what happened at he golf course did they?

    Well, Kalani did pick up Michael, Burt, and Riley...they must have filled him in on the way back to the tower. He must have asked them why they needed to get back in a hurry.

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