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    Hopeless Protectors: Prologue

          The movies always lie. When facing the inevitable end of your life, you don’t see your life flash before your eyes. There isn’t an epiphany about the meaning of it all, no bright light, and there are no angels singing. All you see is death staring you in the face, rasping and scratching to take you.
          I know this because my death is inches before me. All my efforts now count for nothing. In this moment, I thought that I would feel that I had changed something: that I had made it possible for someone else to go on. With the end so close, I feel like I should have a few words to mark the occasion, but I can't think of anything.

    This is going to my very flushed out fan-fic. It is meant to be the story of another survivor in the WA spectrum and will make every attempt to stay consistent with the WA cannon. This is just the prologue, and will definitely be the shortest of them all. I'm expected each "chapter" to be about 3-5 times as long as the prologue. I'm probably going to release these on Thursday nights because that gives me time to work on them throughout the week. Let me know what you think!
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    It sure is a nice way to start it.
    Old men that kick butt are great!~

    Whatever floats your pretty little boat.

    You're a great friend, but if Zombies chase us, I'm tripping you.



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