We know that KC was a LOST fan. If you want proof you only have to listen to his interview on "The Walking Dead Cast" (http://www.walkingdeadcast.com/2011/...of-were-alive/). So I was wondering, how do the characters on We're Alive correspond to the characters from LOST?

Here are my thoughts on some obvious analogs:

Michael Cross=Jack Shepard—I think this one is pretty obvious. Reluctant leader, possesses exotic skills that are essential to survival, demonstrates elf-doubt, a quick temper, and acts without fully thinking things out or consulting with others. There are even hints that Michael might have daddy issues!

Burt=John Locke—This isn't as neat a match, but there are a number of common factors. These characters are significantly older than the others, and have special skills that the others lack (shooting and expedient weapons versus knife throwing and hunting). Also there was the ongoing struggle for leadership of the group.

Skittles=Danielle Rousseau—Crazy, wandering around on their own, and possessing knowledge that nobody else has.

Kalani=Frank Lapidus—Both were pilots, who could fly both helicopters and commercial airliners. Both made successful "hard landings" under emergency conditions. Both were late arrivals to the group and faced suspicion before they were accepted.

I'm sure there are many others. And I don't think the list is complete, I still don't have any We're Alive character that I equate with Kate for instance. Still, it's food for thought and I'd welcome others' opinions on the matter.