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    Pin Zombies and Maulers

    So I started listening to the whole series again, because of this painfully long absence, and started to piece certain things together that I didn't even notice before. Excuse my lack of a timeline in placing these thoughts but I'm forming these points up as I type em, lol

    My thoughts now:

    Ink is part of an experiment that used convicts to do [insert evil plot here]. Ink and Durai probably share a past together, but once Ink became one of them Durai became top in comand of the rest of the convicts. Durai is probably agains the whole zombie experiment thing (personal vendetta?) and as such knows exactly where and how to hit them hard enough, thus he comes up with a plan to attack extremely early on. Another note someone made in here is that it makes no sense how so many places where raided so fast, and how Scratch managed to free her brother and every one in time enough to survive the massive spread of disease. {Original Thread: Anyone ever wonder how the maulers raided everything so quickly?}
    If they are connected, then maybe the convicts where released on purpose with time to escape, or where free (because of the experiment) at the time of the breakout, which would have made it easier for them to leave the prison.
    Any takes on this?
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    A little bell went off in my head when scratch and latch were In the store for some clothes shopping...if you listen to that conversation with the mindset that the prisoners made it happen...and that's why most of them were in there in the first totally makes sense...but you could do that with almost anything

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    Well thought out thread

    My immediate take on it is the Mallers couldn't have been released before the outbreak occurred because Scratch had to break them out (and she's been rewarded by Durai for doing so).

    Also, there were zombies present during the War. Latch mentions "a bunch of those things" attacking the rear of the Mallers force after Scratch set off some bombs, but they were being taken care of. (12-3, ~8:45).

    As we have all noted throughout Season 2 there has been decidedly less zombies around L.A. And if you consider the last time there were zombies seen in any sizable group (outside of the war after the sweat jars were broken) near the Tower it was in Chapter 8 for the tagging. And before that, the last time there was a huge zombie presence at the Tower was in Chapter 3. If you think about it: Zombies have been missing from the Tower area for a very very long time. But that's another thought for another thread.

    The other thing I'd note is the general assumption that the The Man in the Pinstriped Suit/Ink/The One With The Markings/The Colored One (lets just assume for the sake of this argument they are all the same person because otherwise my head will explode) is actually Bill Roberts, the man deemed mentally insane by a judge on the day of the outbreak. If he was mentally unstable for trial, he would have been isolated from other inmates wherever he was being held. They wouldn't have him in general population, so the odds of his exposure to any of the other Mallers would be pretty low.
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    Wait I'm sorry, but are you saying that "ink" worked with durai when he was human and now he is leaving the mallets alone out of....respect for lack of a better word.

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    Oh and too nil maybe durai wasnt a prisoner maybe a guard on a payroll but maybe I need to go backs nd see if they mention durai being a prisoner


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