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Thread: Endgame

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    Personally... I'm wondering when and if Lady's training in following scents will come into play... =)

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    Short term predictions:
    Michael retakes leadership role.
    Lizzy is "ransomed" for "stuff/the tower" by the Mallers (hopefully not worse happens to her - but then again, considering their background - guess it depends on how "realistic" kc will let this go)
    Tower-team expects a trap and devise a counter trap.
    Tower-team agrees to give up the Tower - depart with "nothing" (...just walk away); Burt sacrifices himself to save Lizzy - booby-traps entire building.
    Michael leads team to a new location (scouting parties find some options) - Kalani lobbies for LAX (discussions about security, defendable positions, fuel, water, power, radios) all agree.
    Michael still wants to get closer to the purported "ground zero" for indications of the cause (and potential "cure" or just understanding)
    Pete (the only really friendly guy in Colony - he ran the store) has taken over part of the area with some support - but in-fighting and splintered factions make that area as dangerous as outside the walls or at the mall.
    Longer term:
    Michael sends scouting parties to surveil the Colony (either for stuff or indications of survivors); Kalani and Angel form a more lasting friendship (trial by fire) and another mission to scout the area - by plane - is launched - plane missions fly over camp pendleton, channel islands, etc.
    other groups (more true military, more militia and more gang) are encountered the further from LA they surveil - turns out battles are constant and the planet is more resilient than just a few small groups in CA. All in all, an extermination of the "zombies" becomes the world-wide global effort for survival - except for a small faction of the UN that claims the Zombies are an oppressed people and despite their taste for human flesh, deserve UN representation and equal treatment under the law.

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    I too think its too early but i forsee a happy ending. I'm thinking a 28 days later ending where the zombies all die and they live. I do hope for a end game where they all fight back against them! but idk.

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    I think they'll meet some NASA people and a huge government conspiracy to create population control using the Big Z virus went bad so their back up plan is to get on the big space ship and fly to MG501(just a random letter/number combo) to repopulate the human race. When the ship gets there no one will have recognized that pinstripe is with them and they all die.
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