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Why is it harmful to do homework with your child?

To do or not to do homework with a child is a question that has been worrying parents for decades. Arguments "for" always go against common sense, but in an era when everything around us is changing so rapidly, it's probably forgivable.
Parents who have more than one child are well aware that there are no universal parenting methods and techniques. What works in one case is totally ineffective in another. But there is always a soul-warming hope that with the second child, it will be possible to correct the mistakes made with the first. However, sometimes what we take for a mistake is not really a mistake at all. And then the best is really the enemy of the good.

Attempt number one
When my eldest daughter started school, I was convinced that homework was an assignment for children. It never occurred to me otherwise. The first year my daughter did it on her own, I just checked. In the middle of the second year I suddenly discovered that there were too many blunders and mistakes in her homework. Now I am sure that the draft is the most valuable thing in the process of a child's activity, and that's why there is a workbook, so that the teacher and parents can see how the child thinks, makes mistakes, finds and corrects them. And then I needed a flawless overall look.

One day I had an epiphany (it happened after I once again failed to find my daughter's notebook at a best homework exhibition). I talked to the "cool mums" and found out that everyone does their homework together with kids: kids write every letter and number under the control of an adult, so mistakes are prevented. Also, if you do not have time to do homework with your children, you can always turn to experts from online platforms. The main thing is that the online platform has good reviews.

The output is perfect homework without a single blunder and the impression that the child knows it all, understands it all and can do it all.

And this was also true for subjects which were not based on written assignments. That is, a child literally does everything under the guidance of parents: writes, sculpts, draws, makes things and takes them to school.

And in the third grade, research projects appeared. Without the help of an adult, a child cannot understand such words as "hypothesis" and "relevance", and it is impossible to set a research goal on their own. There's no arguing with that. But it's one thing to help, and another to do it for the child. Parents create projects (read, come up with a topic, select material, print, make a presentation), and children "defend" them. They tell a memorised text and take their places.

Given the general influence, I made an attempt to sit down to lessons with my daughter. But it was too late. She was already used to independence and her well-deserved "B "s, and therefore she did not tolerate intrusion into my personal space. I, of course, blamed myself for her B's. If I'd sat with her like other parents, my daughter would have been a straight-A student. Probably.
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