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Chapter 20- About Last Night Wrap Up

Rate this Entry! What a chapter! Not only for the storyline, but wow on the Chapter 20 predictions!!! Whoa mama! Lets get to the recap for all the uh....WINNING that happened in the Voodoo Lounge this past month!!

Reminder: This blog post WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR CHAPTER 20!! If you haven't listened to chapter 20 yet.....go away. Come back when you've listened!

Chapter 20's Title
Now see, I go and say win, and I immediately start off with a loss. I predicted that the chapter title would be about a hook up. Now arguably, you can say it is slightly about a hook up what with Pukey McPuker Pants Lizzy retching all over Furniture City. She might be preggers, so that would imply a hook up but there's no evidence to support it yet. So this is a loss. Me guessing that it was going to be about Kelly and Victor....that makes this a double loss. *sigh*

Tanya is Saul's Mother
So yeah...this one is a very big win for me and Funny Muffins. I predicted this back in the Chapter 19 discussions and I'm glad it came true. It's great to see Saul interact with a woman he's not trying to have sex with. WIN! (epic win too since this was my guarantee pick of the chapter)

Burt Will Step Down as Tower Leader
FallenXStarX and I said Burt would step down, and he did. He did it quickly. He did it gladly. He did it so you and I could win!!

Michael Will Retake Control of the Tower
Not only did I get this right, I also predicted Angel wouldn't attempt to make a power play for leader because he knows Michael is the better leader. This is like...a double win!

Water Will Become a Mission in Chapter 20
Funny Muffins, You lose this round my friend! You predicted water would become a mission in this chapter, I said it wouldn't be the focus of a mission but might get tacked onto the search for Lizzy. Wanna know what makes me mad? I said that water could have been discovered while we were away at the Colony and that's exactly what happened. I said water wouldn't be a focused mission but it would still be hunted for. So despite getting the circumstance wrong, I still got the prediction right. No water mission. Win!.

There Will Be A Search Party Sent Out For Lizzy
Yeah, this one sort even happened exactly as I laid it out! I said not much had to happen before we sent out a search party. We needed a leadership confrontation, Saul needed medicine, and then it was time to go searching. We had a confrontation about leadership, Saul got his medicine, and then it was time to go searching! WIN!

Lizzy will Die/Is Already Dead
That was some nasty s*** to have to listen to. You are not a nice person, Kc! I'm glad Lizzy survived her ordeal with Tardust thus far, and I hope he's done being a dirty sex offender now. And if he's not, I'm going to hope that Lizzy is the one that puts a bullet in that bastard's face. This is a win, but it's not much of a victory.

So here's the score sheet for this chapter:
Win: 7 (including double win with Angel's no powerplay)
Loss: 2 (double loss for chapter title/hookup of Kelly and Victor)
Draw: 0

Overall, My record now stands at:

Wins: 10
Loss: 6
Draw: 1
And to quickly recap: Here's the predictions you voted on in the forums and what you got right as a community:
  • 12-10 You voted correctly that Tanya was Sauls Moms
  • 15-5 You overwhelmingly guessed that Burt would step down
  • 19-2 You really really nailed Michael taking control of the Tower.
  • 9-8 Thought water would become a mission, so that's a community FAIL!
  • 20-2 thought a search party would be sent out for Lizzy.
  • 20-1 Said Lizzy was not and would not die.
  • 5 of you agreed with me about the chapter title (Hook up for Kelly and Victor), 6 said it was a hookup but not with Kelly and Victor, and 4 of you said it wasn't about a hook up at all. Looks like the minority vote won out this time.

Good job you guys! Be sure to send your Chapter 21 predictions to the Voodoo Lounge thread, or in the Voodoo Lounge Group, or as always at The Chapter 21 Voodoo lounge will be published on April 18th. See you back here then!
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  1. TCM Revolver's Avatar
    7-2! That's a pretty good average!
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  2. TKD SNIPER's Avatar
    Great Job! Loved your were not dead episode, very incite-full.
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