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The Spoiler's Review

The Spoiler's Reivew - Chapter 20.2 - What Did I Do Last Night?

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SPOILERS AHEAD!!! -- Listen the Podcast Before You Come Here!

Chapter 20.2 Ė What Did I Do Last Night?

Huzzah for advertisements! Why did I envision a commercial of Pegs smelling flowers in a greenhouse smiling sweetly with a bottle of Mircale-Gro? Anyway, typing as I listen to the new episodeÖ

Writing gives us a quick recap of whatís been going on while MPK were away. The Tower has been restocked on water, food, and supplies. We already know the doc and extra guns filled the last known needs with the exception of finding a sturdier establishment. They speak of mobilization in the back of our minds we know they donít want to go anywhere without recovering Lizzy first.

Itís the moment of truthÖ everything weíve been waiting for. Tanya explains what she knows about the infection on the way up to see Saul. Note that she mentions they had to euthanize a man at the Colony that didnít turn right away. PROOF that the zombies arenít actually dead heads. Guns are drawnÖ. SteadyÖ weíre waitingÖ ďJust what I thought.Ē (What the hell does that mean? Tell me!)Ö


All past suspicions about Tanya are confirmed. Angel rudely questions the docís qualifications. (Really Angel? Still questioning one personís worth?) In reality, animals and people arenít that much different. Even veterinary clinics will hire medical professionals who have only had experience with human patients. So now we know why Saulís so in love with dogs among other things. I suspect Tanyaís profession isnít just coincidence. We know the infection doesnít travel through animals. Perhaps she can give us some insight on how thatís possible.

Who else thought it was cute that Saul wanted Lizzy to meet his mom?

Having Tanya here adds some much needed depth to Saulís character. Heís a cool guy, slick, quick-thinking, and EVERYONE likes him. Up till now we only knew he did bad things when he was younger and now lives alone. The only other known person who had family in the Tower was Kelly. We as the audience can now better identify with him.

I grew up around personalities like Tanya and I felt this exchange between parent and sibling was convincingly done with respects to both Acting and Writing. Had it been a wishy-washy, teary-jerky reunion I would have had more to say about it. But knowing all this, I canít shake the feeling worry. Saulís up and out now but I donít think itís safe to say heís going to be okay. I feel like at this point heís willing to sacrifice his life to save Lizzy. *knock on wood*

We know sooner or later someone is going to have to sacrifice something. I donít know guys but I sense another death in the works.

Watching Burtís transition is almost painful as itís a sure sign heís feeling the guilt of his actions. He left Saul to die, took his time getting him help, let Lizzy leave, and now heís lying to him about where she is. Heís just taking blow after blow and it's affecting his confidence.

Fort Irwin is far northeast of LA in the desert and on the way to Las Vegas for folks that don't the layout of SoCal. Since I know nothing about military bases I canít comment on that. I can still speculate on the route however. No matter what direction they go, itís going to be a bumpy ride. Marcus told us that the North side was the most dangerous area. We also know that if anyone gets too close to the ďcenterĒ they start to feel sick. The Waterworks and the Arena (Ink) are up North as well. If our party takes this route, weíll definitely find out more information on the ďzombies.Ē Perhaps Michael will finally tell us how he broke his arm.

If they want to avoid that and have to travel a little East and then North (my neck of the woods!), I can only guess theyíll run into more survivors and I canít guarantee they will be any nicer than the Mallers. From a storytelling prospective I donít think the introduction of a new faction is necessary (unless itís military). At the moment our party has everything they need (with the exception of Lizzy) to make a trip forward.

The other option is to simply fly there (LOL I wrote this part before I finished the podcast, genius!). They have a pilot (Kalani) and a co-pilot (Pegs). [Calling it early: Kalani will black out and Pegs will have to take the controls] I lost count of how many Tower residents there actually are so we know theyíll need something bigger than a Real Housewives jet to get them there safely. If they canít get to LAX they can probably make it to Ontario Airport or check some other place. Thereís all kinds of little air fields scattered all over SoCal. It would be entertaining to watch them try and get to one.

But first things first, Lizzy.

Writing 100%
Acting 97%
Audio 100%
Episode Rating A 99%
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The Spoiler's Review