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The Spoiler's Review

The Spoiler's Review - Chapter 19.2 - The Chauvinist

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SPOILERS AHEAD!!! -- Listen the Podcast Before You Come Here!

Chapter 19.2óThe Chauvinist

I really liked the bar scene set-up. I canít imagine how many snippets of separate audio clips were put into it. Itís so beautifully doneóthe scrapes, the billiard balls, chair creaks, scraping on the table, glasses, and letís not forget the music. I thought I even heard an old fashioned pinball machine in the background. Jim Gleason narrates the intro like a champ as always.

We finally get to meet Gatekeeper in a part that doesnít involve awkward nudity. He whines to Michael like a child who got his candy taken away and Michael does the equally childish thing and mocks him. Men.

With news of the Colonyís new number 2, Victor gives Locutus more details about the Colony over drinks. A few things to note about this exchange: EVERYONE is sucking up to Michael obviously hoping for future perks. Victor forewarns that thereís dissention in the ranks and with Shaun being recently dead problems are likely to escalate without Michaelís influence.

Iím still iffy about Victorís character. Right now heís a plot device but I donít know how it will come into play later. Since we first met him, heís been following the basic rules of CYA (cover your ass) and he folds when he thinks heís in trouble. I get the feeling that in another time and another place, he would be a decent guy. As a Colonist, heís just waaaay too guarded. Thereís something to say about his character however: Heís afraid.

Victor is a perfect example to show that when people are put in high stress situations, theyíll do whatever they can to survive. They can be reprogrammed to do something they donít like if it means theyíll live another day. Even Tanya showed an example of that by selling Michael out but one can argue she was also doing it to save Hope. This criteria appears to go for all the people in the Colony. As Pegs described earlier, someone just came along and put them to work and they didnít argue it. Even though people are unhappy and being treated like slaves, theyíre too afraid to challenge it and understandably so. It goes to show that fear is indeed a powerful instrument.

Iíll skip past the radio scene for now. I initially sensed it was a KC mind trick to get the audience to think of something that hasnít happened. I started making guesses about something we wonít ever know until our characters get back to the Tower, and decided thereís no use in wasting energy theorizing. Unless this scene is referred to in a future chapter Iíll take this part for what it is.

Shit hits the fan and Victor 180s back into his aggressive shut-in self while the Borg Queen meets with Locutus alone. The first thing we hear is an army of vicious K-9s yapping at Michael. I had a brief flashback to the final battle in Resident Evil: Afterlife with Albert Westen and his mutated barkers. I was bit underwhelmed by the supposedly ferociousness of the dogs. (Yes, I saw the Youtube video of how the barks were recorded). Itís not easy to capture the sounds of a mean dog without getting your face bitten off.

It gave me an idea on another way to do it. Two wordsóDog Pound. Slip a recorder in your pocket and take a stroll around the yard. You can get close to them and no one knows what the heck youíre doing. Or even better: Find a THAT neighbor with the annoying dog in the yard who wonít shut up. Take your pooch for a walk around the neighborhood just to further piss it off, tape what you need, and get out of sight before the owners see you.

Back to the story. (This is going to get long.)

Marcus strips Michael of all brownie points who turns the tables and confronts him about his military service. Marcus confesses that when the rescue choppers stopped coming, the people needed a leader and he stepped up over the rest. I found this part interesting and it got my wheels turning so much I started making a comparison. Burt did a similar thing when Michael dropped the reins after the War. He may not have handled it the best way, and cracked momentarily in a panic, but he took charge when people needed a leader.

So with Marcusís situation, imagine having an even larger group of survivors behind you and knowing no rescue is coming. Everyone is bickering in a panic about what they should do next. Theyíre all confused, scared, and hysterical about being left behind so they offer plans that include venturing out into danger zones, waiting longer, or taking supplies and going separate ways, etc. We, as the audience, know itís not safe. Marcus does too but how to get everyone to listen to him? Pretend to be military.

People fall in line and the Colony is born. As their settlement gets stronger they start feeling more confident in their survival as our Tower people did in the beginning. The larger they grow, the more problems occur. It takes a lot to keep a fortification that size functioning and human worth is suddenly decided by the amount of work you put in.

Marcus assigned jobs to people (which eventually turned into contracts). Michael did the same. Marcus established a set of rules. Michael did the same. Marcus was detached from the people under his command. Michael is the same. The punishments in the Tower werenít as severe but I believe thatís because Marcus had to work on a much larger scale. This leads me to believe he had to use fear to govern because unlike Michael, he had a secret to hide. Leniency isnít an option with a group that size and psychos like Gatekeeper who have some pull in the Colony are a problem waiting to happen.

Along comes Shaun who has charisma and is a fair leader. The Colonists like him and productivity is up. The weight of responsibility on Marcus is lighter and he obviously appreciated that. Shaun mysteriously dies and now Marcus is once again alone with his secret and Gatekeeper is becoming more troublesome. I know I said I wouldnít theorize but I find it hard to believe Marcus wouldnít be aware of a plot against him. If news travels around the Colony so fast, thereís a good chance he survived the attack but I wonít get into that.

This whole conversation led me to believe that Marcus started off with good intentions but his lack of experience in leading led to some conflicts with his initial black and white rules. He had to enforce them to save face and not lose his leadership. Thatís where the fear factor came in. It worked, and he stuck with it.

Writing 99%
Acting 98%
Audio 95%
Episode Rating 97%
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The Spoiler's Review


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