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Technical Difficulties ARE THE SUCK.

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What's up guys? I'm gonna tell you a little about my night.

After spending a few hours prepping for We're Not Dead, I hopped onto Skype and attempted to chitchat with one of tonight's would-be guests. But oh, what was this? The guest couldn't hear my voice! No worries, right? Juuuust a technical issue. SUUUPPPEEERRR easy to fix. Right? RIGHT?!


My mic died. Went to the big...mic heaven in the sky. I even attempted to perform mic-surgery, but I think I made it even worse. . It was a gruesome sight. There were wires. So many wires...

Anywho, long story short, We're Not Dead won't be available until Thursday. The upside to this is that you have an extra day to send us junk. And you guys send the best junk. We received about 9 or 10 new zombie growls for the contest, and they are AWESOME. So cool what you guys can do.

Until Thursday, then!
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  1. StepLaugh's Avatar
    Yay, gives me time to convert my zombie growl
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  2. Guts Malone's Avatar
    We appreciate all your work Brit. Your podcasts fill the void while we wait for another show from KC
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