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This f*ckin' Stuff!!

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Iíve never been one to get all mushy. But as I sit here sipping on my sangria, I canít help but wonder ifís made with fermented Ďmember berries. Or maybe Iím just a little drunk and all nostalgic. Whatever! Who caresÖ At the end of the day, itís awesome to see how far this podcast has come. 50 million downloads!! Comic-Con!! Part of the Nerdist Podcast Galaxy!! > 13K forum members!! Damn Mainframe. Itís great to see such an amazing production getting the recognition it deserves.

By the way. WTF dropped in January of this year?
ďMost users ever online was 12,814, Jan 31st, 2016 at 10:13 AMĒ

Always aim for the head,
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  1. Gooer's Avatar
    Im glad how far the guys and the series has gotten, it and the guys deserve it.

    As to what happened? Not a clue. Influx of spammers joining maybe? Not sure.
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