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Exploration of Survival part 4. Blog 45 ... Falls hurt and leave bruises.

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My last fall number 14 Yes I fell 14 times. It seems that there is a technique to walking in snow that I didn't master till we had to leave. The phrase "Pick em up and put them down" is forever branded into my soul along with every sticker bush in the entire state of Illinois which found its way into my flesh.

I decided to try and be helpful and put my new hatchet to use. I had watched Chris chop half way through a larger dead fall log then kick it to break the log the rest of the way. Well... I efficiently chopped then I kicked the log and got flipped ass over tea pot into the mud and snow on my ass. I have a really awesome set of bruises from that. Oddly neither of us remembered what we said but we both remembered we were surrealistically calm. I did manage to break the log with that kick though it did kick my ass in return.

The log... Click image for larger version. 

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We managed a pile of good pieces of wood and we sat again to rest. Chris told me that real survival was exactly what we'd been doing. Working together as best we could to gather the basics of existence, shelter, warmth (fire), food, water and resting often to conserve energy. (his words were better then mine and that was how he explained it)

The nap! Click image for larger version. 

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The woods in Illinois are beautiful at night or at day. Its an amazing place to explore. I had wanted more pictures and Chris being the good man and good friend was happy to help me in this as he'd grown up in this woods and knew every inch of it and helped me find the best spots for "artistic" pictures. (will post pictures in the end)

Moral of this story: Survival isn't easy but its easier when you've got friends with you who have mad skills.
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