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Exploration of survival. Blog 44 part 3.5 Nap time is important!

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After the fire got going (before it went out the last time) Chris declared it was time for food. We'd planned on not eating anything we couldn't catch or forage for. I feel this change of plans was an act of mercy for me. I'm horribly green yet in the art of survival. I was already feeling the affects of the extensive exercise and lack of food and water. I was shaking and sweating. So after the food and entertainment
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Titus and I took selfies then Chris and Titus took a much needed and deserved nap Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	3110 (nap pictures to be posted at the end as its awesome. ::insert evil eyes at the chat blog program:: "tell me I can't add more then 5 files per blog... I count 3 you filthy liar!" ....
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