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Canadian politicians are masterminds ... ?

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Hello everyone,

I wouldn't have expected this myself - just a second blog-entry within less then a day ...

edit: I just happened to realize that this was partially mentioned already on the forum; I am sorry for the double-posting. /edit

Maybe you remember the two (in)famous websites - one provided by the British Columbia Emergency Information Services (Canada) and one by the Center for Disease Control (USA) - telling the people how to survive in extraordinarily catastrophic situations by imagining a zombie-apocalypse. The information provided give you clues about how to behave and especially prepare for any such or similarly dangerous situation mostly based on natural hazards like tornadoes, super-storms, earthquakes, pandemics of whatever kind, etc. And in these two linked cases those public services used the zombie-apocalypse-theme as a carrier for sharing vital information about how to behave in such situations. And basically they underline serious core of similarities between a zeeh-pocalypse and any other major catastrophe.
I wished the German or EU authorities would show similar humor and connect this part of pop-culture with realistic scenarios.

But anyway ...

The reason for this blog-article is recent news I read on one of the major news-services in Germany - ( This kind of news is kind of an aside which is meant to put some smiles on your faces. And again: I wished German public authorities, in this case the members of parliament, would show some similar humor ...

According to various news services from Canada the Canadian Parliament briefly discussed the theoretical trouble with a zombie-apocalypse and that there could or would be some dire need to cooperate more thoroughly with the CDC from the USA, because a zombie-apocalypse would not stop at national borders. Many news-services simply 'quote' a video which is also available on YouTube:

This happened on February 13th, 2013 - so just a couple of days ago.

Now, I like that - actually.

a) It is kind of funny to see high grade politicians to spare a few minutes on homurous speeches in parliament, while
b) these speeches share a certain serious core, since - as mentioned above - public authorities in Canada and the USA have already understood to connect serious shit with pop-culture shit.

Now, if that is not awesome, I don't know what else could be. Did I hint that I'd like to see something similar here in Germany or the EU? If not, well, whatever ...

Also the question here would be: Are Canadian politicians kind of prophets or masterminds regarding the quality of debates about important topics?

All the best!
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  1. Osiris's Avatar
    As a Canadian I would say that our politicians are neither prophets nor masterminds. Really, they're as ineffectual as any other governing body, but with a quaint accent, and poutine breath. Still, I agree! Totally funny to see them waste my tax dollars on this stuff. Sure beats what they usually waste it on!
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  2. Robzombie's Avatar
    This whole 'zombie' thing being spoken about in parlaiment probably stems from what the 'zombie' term means. It actually refers to a computer that has been rendered useless due to a hacker attack. I don't mind politicians/government officials showing a human side to them and having a laugh.
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