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I've never been so unproductive...

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... regarding the things that really matter: My education and work.

This blog will be a rant about my General Awesomeness (*salutes*), my lack of discipline and whatever my mind drifts off to in the coming few minutes. Enjoy.

This week, I had holidays from school. Still, there was a lot of work to be done: There are a few deadlines coming up next week, and I've got a client waiting for some mockups.
You see, this year I'm having my finals for the Dutch 'VWO', and in my spare time I build websites for a soft fee (mostly for startups and small or non-profit businesses).

However, holidays are holidays, so when nikvoodoo mentioned that the Wiki mainpage wasn't working out that well I offered Kc to give it a shot. Plenty of time available, and it would be nice to do something in return for the podcasts, right?
It'd be a fairly straight-forward process, without completely getting me out of my work routine (which consists of mostly PHP and CSS for my current projects). And I was right: the Wiki main page progressed quickly (looking at the edits, most was done within two days) and once the finishing touches were applied on day 3, I had completely lost track of schedule. I hadn't even touched the things yet that I was supposed to finish this week.

Still, other things popped up. Like small CSS flaws on the "Groups"-page today (fixed by yours truely) or writing the lines of code to make each chapter's art clickable* on the Season 1 and Season 2 overviews (guess who helped there).
Add to that reading most of the new posts on the forums, catching up with friends (as they also have holidays, we finally had time to catch up and hang out again), and the days flew by unnoticed. Now I have two days left for a weeks worth. And look at the time! 3:40 AM. I should've gotten to bed already, because I'll have to get up early...

So in the end there's only one thing I can say:
Listening to this awesome podcast is one thing - as that can be listened to while doing something useful in the meantime - but (fixing) the forum is something that's getting way to much of my time right now. I'll try to take a step back, by knowing myself that's not going to happen. There'll be bugs to squash tomorrow...

Oh well, some long nights coming up then! Where's my bottle 'a whiskey!?

*Rant progression: 100%. Initiating sleep mode.*

*)Props to Kc for actually implementing the lines for each item though, I was working on the main page at that time.
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  1. Kc's Avatar
    Salute* you kicked some ass this week Captain!
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  2. nikvoodoo's Avatar
    huzzah to you sir! The wiki mainpage looks all CSSexy!
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  3. Chelsea C.'s Avatar
    We all appreciate your hard work!
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    Updated Feb 25th, 2011 at 12:36 PM by Chelsea C.
  4. StepLaugh's Avatar
    You're one real stand up kinda guy Thanks man.
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