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Voodoo Lounge- Chapter 26 Wrap Up (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

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Oh me oh my........well.......wasn't than an interesting development??!!

My apologies for not giving you the chance to vote this last time. Again, I was really really crunched on time when posting the predictions and it wasn't until after part 2 posted when I realized....."Well crap......" but I promise this next time will be better. After all, I'll have eons of time to get the vote up what with the whole March 5 release date....But enough of that house cleaning stuff.....lets see if I redeemed myself from an atrocious Chapter 25 showing.

Chapter 26's Title Is....
"Who Overcomes" and I'd have to say it had to be in reference to Chinwe (allegedly and most likely CJ). If you believe that she is CJ...there is NOBODY else it could possibly be who overcame anything this chapter.

The Zombie at the end of Chapter 25 was a Trap/Test
I said it wasn't going to be because...seriously...what sense did that make? and it wasn't. I also said it wasn't a cling-on but that evidently was true. I'm still trying to figure out exactly how that zombie was able to hold on but I've given up. There have been way too many pictures and way too many conversations about damn helicopters around here that my head is going to explode. I win this one

Saul and Victor go to the wreckage of the Tower
It had to happen to progress their story. Besides, they called their shot and I just followed like the good obedient pup that I am. I win this one too!

The Shot Was Taken by a Tower Member
I feel as if I didn't rush these predictions, I probably would have noticed the perspective a little better. Oh well. Can't win them all (See: Predictions, Chapter 25) and this one wasn't even close. Michael dispatched their assailant all by his lonesome so I lose this least it's just the first one!

Ft. Irwin is Overrun with Zombies Only
It's kinda hard to get a read on exactly what the make up of Ft. Irwin is. But it is most certainly NOT overrun or else the drive back to the barracks would have been very treacherous. So while it's not overrun and I got the prediction right it's obviously still a place that requires security details.

We Discover the Fates of Burt and Angel
I said Y'all ain't gonna like me for this one....

....and I was right.

No mention of Angel at all. We as the audience know there were some hints at Burt surviving the Tower Attack 2.0 But like I said: No way we discover the fates of two long lost Tower members. I did up the percentage, but knowing where Victor and Saul just left off......that number may drop next time. I win this prediction....and hell I may just keep predicting this until I get it wrong just to get a cheap win every once and a while.....

The Tower Crew "Trades Up" Their Helicopter
This prediction regarding the helicopter trade up is something that is going to happen eventually but it's not going to be for a while. Michael, who is convinced there is no one he knows that he cares for left in LA, is going to have to be convinced somehow that there are people surviving there that he needs to retrieve. Until more chopper rides. I won this one as well.

People Who Don't Read Previous Facebook Posts will cause me to pull out my hair

100%. And it still seems to hold true even a month after I made the prediction! This one still doesn't count.

Bonus Prediction: The Survivors at Ft. Irwin are Primarily Military
I will welcome a debate on this subject.

As of this moment, the only people we've seen at Ft. Irwin (other than the Towerites) are military. If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck......shoot it because ducks aren't supposed to be able to talk!

Point being, we've only seen military, so I'm saying this is a win for me. If this turns out to be untrue, We can steal this for the loss column later.

So that's that! Let's tally up for this chapter:

6 wins
1 loss

Bringing my season tally to:
8 wins
5 losses

Don't expect the next Voodoo Lounge until a week before Chapter 27 begins. So I will be on hiatus just like the show for the moment. As always, give me your feedback in the comments below! If you have a prediction, put it here! If you have a question or want some direct conversatin' with the Voodoo.....well you can always get me on twitter or you can email me at

Because my internet crapped out during WND #29, Britt and I will get to the Voodoo Lounge this week or next. And you should certainly pay attention to that because there might be a contest announced. Not to mention the sneak peak to Chapter 27 Voodoo Lounge predictions!

Thanks for reading. Or scanning to get to the tally and see how I did. Or going to the comments without reading and leaving a message.
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  1. nikvoodoo's Avatar
    So hey......I'm obviously very distracted because......I did actually put up a vote thread. And the forum did the same as I did. 6-1. I'll be sure to update your tally in the next wrap up.

    Seriously.......I need to sleep more or somethin'...
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