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Voodoo Lounge: Chapter 26 Predictions (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

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After last chapter, I'd say this is the time to regroup, reset my jaw, and attack chapter 26 with vigorous logic and determination. Usually, I start this blog post Monday night of Part 3's release and then I'll edit and tweak for about a week until the next Monday arrives....However by having the next sentence you'll know I'm cramming to get this in under the wire....

.....Damn shame about your 49ers, Rev......

Now that I've tipped my hand and revealed that I'm writing this blog entry around 11pm Eastern (about 9 hours before this publishes...) no more wasting time, no zombie joke.....lets go!

Chapter 26's Title Is....
If you don't want to know...don't click under the Spoiler Tag...

The Zombie at the end of Chapter 25 was a Trap/Test
This is one of the more popular theories right now. I have a couple issues with a zombie in this universe being a test. They are too smart, too fast and too strong to really be controlled (at least from what we've seen). this point if there are survivors at Ft. Irwin what would make them think there would be anyone flying in to the base? If it hasn't happened by now it stands to reason it won't happen.

If it was a trap/test it means that whoever is living there was keeping a zombie at the helipad, was able to get there before the crew got too far into the base.......I just can't buy that. I think it's far more likely that there are survivors and zombies living in the same vicinity as each other just like in LA. 15% chance this was a trap or test

Saul and Victor go to the wreckage of the Tower
Again, you think it's obvious (they said they would) but remember chapter 19 focused entirely on The Colony and had nothing to do with the Tower. Do I think it's likely we ignore Saul and Victor this chapter? Not really. I think we split our focus again at some least I hope so because I'm saying 85% Saul and Victor go to the wreckage of the Tower.

The Shot Was Taken by a Tower Member
Last thing we heard was a shot in Chapter 25. And it's really hard to get a perspective on it. We know the Tower members have guns. But as many people have pointed out, that didn't sound like a rifle and that's the only gun we know they have at this time (I think...). Sounded to me like there was some distance to that shot. By leaving us with the gun shot as a cliffhanger, I feel like the message is meant to be "Who took the shot?" so I'm playing directly into Kc's hands, and I'm going to say it was not a Tower member. 10% The shot was taken by a Tower Member.

Ft. Irwin is Overrun with Zombies Only
Well....since I think someone other than the Tower took the shot, you can probably guess which way this prediction will fall.

Story wise, it makes nearly zero sense to have the base be overrun. Does this mean they now have to clear the base to make a new home? Do they turn around and go back to LA? Do they just get eaten and we go back to other story lines? I think someone is alive there. There are obviously zombies there, we know that. But I think someone has found a way to survive at Irwin. The area to control may be huge, but so long as they have a secure home, it doesn't matter. 10% chance Ft. Irwin is overrun with just zombies

We Discover the Fates of Burt and Angel
Y'all ain't gonna like me for this one....

Nope. Still don't think so. We're getting closer though. Saul and Victor are clearly becoming the key to this mystery. Litmaster posted this (and the previous idea) in the Prediction thread and I think it's actually an interesting idea. that the reason we heard the post credit sequence of Chapter 24 is because of Saul and Victor. I don't know that I agree per se, but I like the thinking. And since the Mallers were no where to be seen in the immediate aftermath of the collapse and had to have been far enough away to not become behemoth's actually not a bad idea to think the Mallers/Saul and Victor end up exploring the wreckage around the same time.

But still.....I'm not entirely sold that this is how it happens. Why would Saul specifically sit by while he has the chance to kill Scratch and get Lizzy back? Saul is a rash and irrational person when it comes to Lizzy as we've seen. So...long story short (too late): 35% we discover the fates of Burt and Angel.

The Tower Crew "Trades Up" Their Helicopter
Another theory I've seen posted on the forum.

Can't say I agree with this one at all mainly because I believe there are survivors there who would stake claim to the helicopters as their own. Besides, when you have King Datu the Resourceful you don't need new things. You need busted old things for him to fix. Might they trade up eventually? Yes. But they would have to gain some trust first. That generally won't happen in one chapter. And now that the Tower crew lacks a certain grizzled Vietnam Vet they lack a certain intimidation factor they once had to influence those who could easily be swayed. 20% the Tower trades up their chopper this chapter.

People Who Don't Read Previous Facebook Posts will cause me to pull out my hair

100%. hard is it to read posts below you?

Ok that last one doesn't count.

Enjoy the off week as much as you can!! If you thought Chapter 25 was boring, may Chapter 26 bring you more of what you were looking for!

Bonus Prediction: The Survivors at Ft. Irwin are Primarily Military
I was just reading back over my predictions....and man oh man. Cop outs! I don't think anything will happen! So lets tie this ribbon 'round the old oak tree.

We've already heard that there were folks in military uniforms (granted we've also been told that it doesn't mean they're alive). I already stated my belief that they were the ones to take the shot (granted after last chapter's horrible score....take that with a grain of....rock....salt....). But I think it's an interesting dynamic to see both a complex full of civilians (The Colony) and now we see a structured settlement run by Military folks. The Tower was a healthy combination of both. 75% Ft. Irwin's survivors are primarily military. Now...lets just hope they aren't douche bags like the guys in 28 Days Later
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  1. Litmaster's Avatar
    Nice blog entry, nikvoodoo! (uh, Nik? Nick??)

    And yes, litmaster IS a 'he'.... certainly not 'she' or 'it'.

    Still can figure out--assuming they are still alive-- how Angel or Burt could have survived without massive bone breakage and/or internal bleeding. I want Burt to be alive, but if he can only continue on as an invalid, that's going to be a real killjoy...
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    Updated Jan 26th, 2012 at 12:58 PM by Litmaster
  2. Litmaster's Avatar
    BTW, the problem of the singular pronoun of indefinite gender is widespread, especially in a sentence like

    "Litmaster is an astute commentator in the We're Alive forums. (he/she) always has great insights, and we always look forward to (his/her) witty posts."

    Everybody has problems with how to deal with this gender issue:
    - use 'he' and your a sexist pig
    -use 'she' and your a Lefty sexist pig
    -use 'they' and you've broken the rule about a plural pronoun and singular antecedent
    - use 'he or she' and you come across as clunky and awkward
    - use 'one' and you sound like a pompous ass
    - use 's/he' and nobody knows how the fuck to pronounce that
    - use 'it' and you're just wrong, unless you're describing a toaster

    I had a funny English professor who once suggested a remedy to the she / he / it problem with the handy little universal pronoun: S/H/IT

    I was the only one in the room who laughed, which I guess tells you something about that professor's popularity and my sense of humor.
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    Updated Jan 26th, 2012 at 12:55 PM by Litmaster
  3. Golden's Avatar
    Burt could have limited injuries if he managed to hold onto the rope. Instead off taking a straight fall he would have been thrown into one off the two buildings. Remember they never say where Burt was found. Angel definitely has to have taken some serious damage.
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  4. nikvoodoo's Avatar
    They also never said Burt was found. We just assume it was because of the "old man" comment.

    Litmaster: Thank you for clearing up your gender! And that other comment was way too long and I didn't read it. I'm sure it was thought provoking and well written.

    I have noticed a considerable lack of views to this post. I feel as though some of you have abandoned me now that I did so poorly in Chapter 25...My redemption is coming!!!! I don't care what that Kc dude says! I shall be victorious!
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  5. Litmaster's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by nikvoodoo
    Litmaster: Thank you for clearing up your gender! And that other comment was way too long and I didn't read it. I'm sure it was thought provoking and well written.
    Aaargh! You suck! And that one was way funnier than the other post!

    I read your whole blog, and you can't read a few lines of mine??!?

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  6. nikvoodoo's Avatar
    Oh calm down! I read your whole comment. Come on out of the bunker!
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  7. nikvoodoo's Avatar
    Oh by the by litmaster: there's nothing that says they don't have severe injuries. If it was indeed them in the 24 post credits it sounds like they're both in pretty awful shape.
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  8. Eviebae's Avatar
    I think it's going to be interesting to see who the doctor is that scratch talked about. I see the two wounded as being a bridge to meeting said doctor and finding out more information.
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  9. StickUpKid's Avatar
    i especially like the primarily military control at irwin. i was also thinking this. it could be that these military units are creating a rally point for more military. or it could be the opposite they could be hostile to the tower members(like the colony).
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  10. Wicked Sid's Avatar
    Zombies at Fort Irwin. It wasn't a trap or a test. The majority of the fort was overrun, with the troopers taking shelter within as they try to wait it out and frantically call for help.
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