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Voodoo Lounge: Chapter 25 Recap

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Another Chapter is in the books, and this is just about as bad as I've ever done. Ever. But it's to be expected. It's very hard to figure out exactly where the story is going to go off the Season ending Cliff Hanger. Yes we had thoughts and ideas, and of those ideas happened to very much come to fruition....but hey. There were people that predicted that Tim Tebow and the Broncos would beat the New England Patriots last weekend.

Those people were just plain out and out wrong.

I'm just a little wrong in comparison.

The Helicopter Will Go To Fort Irwin
All that really needed to happen here was the helicopter stay grounded and the crew gets attacked harder in that field. Nope, King Datu the Resourceful just had to go and get himself redeemed and fix the damn chopper....I was wrong and so were you with a 12-3 vote.

The Journals Kalani Left Behind Will Be Read
This one really hinged on Lady being stuck in the backpack and as soon as I heard about the "Pass the Pup" game, I knew I was in trouble. When the helicopter went down, I knew I was in deep shit. When Riley went missing, I knew I was proper fucked. Journals obviously didn't get read so I lose again and once again so did the forum with a 9-5 vote.

The Story Splits Off in Narration 3 Ways
I'm prepared to fight this one to the death.

I said "the story would be told from three perspectives." And it was. Michael and crew, Saul and Victor.....and the unknown source that replayed the end of chapter 24, but from a location we didn't hear it from before. You can say "bullshit" and "shenanigans" all you want, but we heard what conversations sounds like inside the chopper. We've heard what they sound like outside the chopper. Now we've heard what a conversation sounds like some distance from the chopper. Was it Burt? Who knows. But my interpretation is that was perspective #3, and that means I win (cheaply) and so do you with a 10-5 vote.

We Discover the Fate of Angel and Burt
I said it was too early. Most people said I was crazy and we'd been waiting for 5 months to find out if they survived. Turns was too early. No information about Burt and Angel. But Michael presumes them to be dead. Michael also presumes Saul and Victor to be Here's your grain of salt. Take it.Win for me, and a narrow victory for the forum 8-7.

We FINALLY Figure Out Where Durai Went (aka: We see the Mallers new Home)
You know....I'm going to stop making this prediction, and that's the chapter it will come true. Once mention of Durai. No mention of where the Mallers live....and I don't know why I didn't just say no to this. If I didn't think we'd learn about Burt and Angel, why in the blue blazes of hell would we know where the Mallers moved to? Stupid Nik......stupid. I lose and thankfully y'all are lemmings and follow me into the abyss and you lost too with an 8-5 vote.

Tanya Will Reveal What She Discovered
These types of predictions paid off in spades for me before. Not so much this time.

I connected the thought of Kalani's journals to Tanya revealing what she wanted to tell Michael before. But when we didn't get to Kalani's journal, I sorta figured we wouldn't get to this. I did get the tiniest glimmer of hope when Riley was writing in her journal and everyone started talking about all this emotional stuff......and then I got let down. Stupid Vet.....stupid. Final loss of the chapter for me and all those hopeful for answers to questions took this one on the chin too with a 12-3.

Not a good way to start the season for me here in the Voodoo Lounge.
2 Wins
4 Losses

Well that's the end of this wrap up. I thought it was a fantastic chapter, and it's putting us in the right direction for the Season story arcs. We have Saul and Victor trying to figure out where to go from here, Michael and crew are about to encounter.....who knows what.....but there we are. But here's a question I have: Add up those vote totals. They generally add up to 15. There were 17 people who voted...So uh......ouch. That hurts my head a touch......

Keep your eyes out this upcoming Monday for the Chapter 26 prediction blog. Send me your thoughts about the upcoming chapter in the comments below, In the Voodoo Lounge Predictions thread, Hit me up on twitter @nikvoodoo, or you can email me at

I'll be on Episode 27 of WND to preview some of the Chapter 26 predictions (including the chapter title!!!), and I would have been in charge of keeping Britt and Greg in check with their awkward flirting. Turns out it's gonna be a sausage fest with Greg, Beez and myself. Look for it sometime next week! Also, I'm going to try to get the episode length back up to a respectable 1.5 hours.
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