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So, I'm sitting on my ass (as per usual), playing on my iPhone thinking:
This game is bad ass, I need to find a way to tell people about it!
I have found my way. I will be making a periodic blog reviewing some iPhone apps I have come across. And sorry guys, I only have an iPhone, no droid, blackberry, windows phone...etc

APPisode 1: Extraction? It nearly killed him!

In honor of the Wayland Rehab Clinic re-opening on January 2nd, the game I have decided to review is:
Extraction: Project Outbreak
iTunes Cost .99 usd

Your company is contracted by the U.S. government. Called upon to eliminate the "zombie epidemic" that has taken over a government run facility.

As far as the story is concerned, the word that comes to mind is "meh". But in all honesty, what would you expect? I found myself skipping through the cut scenes, in an obvious hurry to bust some zombie skulls. It's a bit of a twist on what "Resident Evil" has already established. The story develops as you collect "intel" in the missions. Then after each mission, more of the back story is revealed to you.

Summation: If you downloaded this thinking you would get a riveting plot and amazing character development, you will be in for a big let down. So for a rating I give it a solid "1"... and that is just because I can't go any lower.

Overall Story Rating:

I really like what the developers have done here! You can literally play this game with one finger. To move, simply touch the desired location and away you go. There is a map option to help you navigate (which is a big plus), as some of the levels can be tough to navigate. Shooting is even easier, when an enemy is present, drag your finger across said enemy and watch the lead fly. There is a meter on the top of your screen measuring your weapons accuracy, you have to drag your finger at a certain speed to increase your accuracy. Some weapons are quite easy to use proficiently. Where as others seem to be stuck on full auto. (not that it's a bad thing)

More than one zed coming at you? Not an issue any more! Drag your finger across multiple zeds, and you will attack them in the order you targeted. The system isn't perfect. There are times you try to target an enemy and the game thinks you wanted to walk right next to it. Then again, maybe it's just me and my "banana hands"

The missions they offer do get a little repetitive. There are approximately 4 types of missions to go through (kill em all, rescue, rebuild, escort). Thankfully there are different terrains, helps to break up the monotony. The developers have also thrown in a countdown timer on a few of the missions. I have never been a fan of those personally, but I can see where they would be handy with such a limited amount of mission styles.

Summation: It's a good idea (especially of you only have one hand available(behave)). The targeting system is nice, but a bit touchy some time. Moving is quite simple and easy to navigate. Overall I give it a marshmellowy "3"

Overall Playability:

Enemy and Weapons: The enemy's presented here are not without their charm. There is your standard, just walk at you and roar zombies. A weird, not zombie, spinning knife thingy. There is a "big boned" zed that explodes when you get near him. The albino zombie that screams then charges you. And let's not forget our favorite, Zombie that has learned how to use a 9mm, accurately I might add. All and all they are easy to defeat, but when they travel in hoards or you have 4-5 shooters taking aim at your cabeza, things can get a little hairy.

Alright, enough about the targets, lets get to the fun stuff!!

10 weapons to choose from?!? Not bad for an iPhone app. They come in two categories, long range and short range. The long range weapons come with large clips and are good at letting the lead fly. Short range, on the other hand, have small clips and can do devastating damage. One nice perk is all the weapons are upgrade-able. As you complete missions you recieve some spending cash, since there is nothing else to spend it on, increase your clip size, accuracy of your weapon, and damage it causes. Now comes the BIG toys...

There are 4 types of special weapons that can be deployed, Nerve gas, Attack run, Gunner Droid, and Turret. The nerve gas affects a certain area for a period of time. (apparently these zombies still breathe?) The attack run is quite handy. When deployed, an attack chopper targets an area of the screen you specified for a short period of time. It takes a second for the chopper to get there, but once it does, there are zed bits flying everywhere!! We move on to the gunner droid. Similar to R2D2 with a little man complex, this guy will travel in a preplanned route, shooting everything in it's wake, and when finished with that route, he acts as a standard turret. And then the standard turret... really? it sits there and shoots till it runs out of bullets... but you knew that.

Summation: The upgrading, choice of weapons and the secondary weapons add a sense of control to the game, instead of just a blind fire shooter. The enemys are not all that wonderful, but can present a major challenge if you happen to miss one or have some dumb-ass scientist following you. All and all, I give it a squishy "3"

Enemys and Weapons:

Breakdown: There is not alot of things more fun that blowing up zombies, for the first few hours that is. This game does seem to get repetitive once you have upgraded all the weapons and your character. I played for around 5 hours total and then got maxed out. I did "cheat" however. There are in-app purchases that will allow you to get 2x XP and 2x Cash. I suppose had I not gone that route I could have gotten another 3-4 hours out of it. The inital cost of the app was .99 and with the two add-ons, I am in this 3 bucks. Not bad, considering we've all played games that were WAY more expensive than that, that brought less playing time. So overall I give it *drumroll, a decent score of "3"! For .99 cents you can do ALOT worse, this one at least won't have you screaming for your dollar back!

Overall Score:

You have any free apps or ones that you enjoy playing, just shoot me a PM and I will take a look at em

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