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Chapter 25 Predictions!! (Contains Spoilers)

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Before we get started with the blog as you know and love it: Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, happy Kwanza etc etc. I hope you had a wonderful time with family this weekend, and that Santa brought you all the zombie survival gear you will ever need.

The wait is nearly over. The reason Monday's were created is returning. We've complained. We've begged. We've threatened hunger strikes. We've Occupied Wall Street all in the hopes of getting We're Alive back.

Finally......We're Alive.......RETURNS!

As you all remember we've lost a lot in Chapter 24. Kalani sacrificed himself for the good of the Tower. Angel and Burt may have met horrible fates at the hands of the Mallers. Some random redhead chick got a facial via a .38 Special.....

But we do not look to the past here in the Voodoo Lounge. We look to the future. So sit back and relax next to me on the white leather couches in the brand new modern Voodoo Lounge!

By the way, if you drop red wine on these bad boys, I know a certain well dressed individual with a hole in his hand I'd like to introduce you to....

For those new to the Lounge here's how this works. I come up with a prediction for the chapter (or I get the idea from you via email, twitter, facebook, forum post etc), and I make a statement. I'll give a brief (chortle) analysis of the prediction and why I think it will, or will not come to pass. Then I give it a percentage of happening. 50% is the break. Over, I think it will happen. Under, I don't think it will. The closer I am to 50% the less confident I am. If I say 85%, that's pretty up there. 55%....I'd rather take my chances at Russian Roulette. After the chapter concludes, look for my recap to round up the predictions and for the season running tally. Get it? Got it? Good!

The Helicopter Will Go To Fort Irwin
One of the more popular theories around this particular forum.

There are many reasons why the helicopter and survivors should go there. But there are just as many reasons it/they shouldn't. Remember that Michael, the Military Intelligence man, had planned on scouting it out first. In addition to that, you have left behind Saul and Victor (the only people that could presumed to be alive at this moment). Does Michael leave them? I'd wager matter how much he wanted to punch Saul in the face for "setting up" Pegs in Chapter 24.

Going to Ft. Irwin right now presents a finality that I don't think Michael and crew would be comfortable with, and remember: Tanya is on the chopper and is not going to voluntarily allow Saul to be left behind. No way, no how. Are we going there eventually? Yeah I'd have to think so. But I really don't think we can do it so soon. Not happening: 5% the Chopper crew goes to Ft. Irwin

The Journals Kalani Left Behind Will Be Read
Well....they'll certainly be read.....but the question becomes.....when? I think it truly depends on the content of the journals he left in Bills desk. If the information is a wrap up to a storyline that played out earlier, it makes sense to tie a ribbon 'round it now and be done. If it's setting up something else...well, then it can come once the helo crew seemingly have no where else to move forward plot wise.

I still don't believe Kalani was the rat so I don't believe this would be a confession (I stand by my theory that the Rat is alive because it makes more sense to have a living person take that heat) and beyond that....I'm not sure what he would have written in there that he needed to keep it secret. Maybe it's how he's going to tell us who Hannah was (well....duh....he certainly can't tell us any other way!). I've gone around and around trying to think this one out and I'm going to say that they do get read this chapter because of Lady. Lady being in the backpack will need to get out at some point and an adult will find the journals then and read them. Possibly Tanya who now knows what everyone wrote in their journals. 70% Kalani's Secret Journal gets read this chapter.

The Story Splits Off in Narration 3 Ways
You may say this is a lame prediction, but I don't care. 3 factions. 3 story lines. Makes sense to me. Obviously Michael et al is one. Saul and Victor is the second. Lizzy with the Mallers is the third. The real "trouble" becomes how to weave the stories together. But that's not my job. We've heard all three of these groups narrate/tell the story from their perspective in Chapter 24 stands to reason we'll hear from all three in chapter 25....the caveat to this prediction is if we don't hear from three, we might just stick with one story the whole chapter (a la chapter 19) 80% the story will be told from three different perspectives in Chapter 25.

We Discover the Fate of Angel and Burt
It is widely accepted/presumed that the two people discovered in the post credit sequence of Chapter 24 were Angel and Burt. Again, we know Burt had a fall that he potentially could have survived since the adjacent Tower to the Tower was shorter. We don't know where Angel was when the Tower started to collapse, we just know he wasn't on the roof when Michael was looking.

However unlikely the odds are, it appears that they both survived their horrible ordeals. We know for certain that the second one found was alive because they were breathing. But with all that said....I don't think we'll know this chapter. That would be like a magician making an Elephant disappear and then tell you five seconds later how they did it. It's way too early to discover if they are alive or dead. We need to stew over it for a while. 15% we find out the fate of Angel and Burt.

We FINALLY Figure Out Where Durai Went (aka: We see the Mallers new Home)
Now that Scratch has fulfilled her vendetta against the Tower (and picked up a pair of trophies in the process), it's high time she headed home. Durai is already asking questions about her whereabouts and despite working with idiots who don't question her....she's got Lizzy there to sew the seeds of discontent. Scratch can't stay out much longer or risk retribution from someone who shouldn't be trifled with (though if you remember my prediction from WND 22, I think she will trifle with him later on...). 65% We see the new Maller home.

Tanya Will Reveal What She Discovered
Remember way back when? Back when the Tower stood? And some douche nozzle named Pippin was sent in to undermine the tower's defenses and ferret out Pegs? Remember how Michael and Tanya got into a fight about his 'tude and how she had something to reveal regarding the journals?

Yeah me too!

If Kalani's secret journal gets read, it would bring the subject of journals back up. Especially with Tanya there reading a secret's a pretty short mental leap to go from "Secret Journal" to some discrepancy in the journals she scanned. I hate it when I do this, but I'm all in on Kalani's journal's getting read now and thus, I'm all in on this prediction too. I went 70% above, I'll do it here too. 70% Tanya says what she found when scanning the journals.

So that's that. Come on back the Friday following part 3's release for the recap. Remember you can follow me on twitter @nikvoodoo and send me your predictions there. I'm always connected to email, and of course the Voodoo Lounge threads in Episode Discussions. Don't forget to go to the Voodoo Lounge Poll and chose if you agree or disagree with my predictions!

Don't party too hard New Year's Eve and Day. You've got some where to be at 12pm Eastern on the 2nd!
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    *strokes beard...
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    *strokes imaginary beard wondering why Kc strokes his.

    (It's always impossible to tell.)
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    *runs out and buys a beard*
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    *strokes faux-tee as the goatee never seem to actually connect*

    I'm thinking about banning Kc from posting comments.....all it does is make me rip my hair out!
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    I did nothing! Or did I?

    This is too much fun
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  6. 7oddisdead's Avatar
    *Strokes more beard than one man should have*

    three narrative line idea is solid, all bets are off with the rest of these...

    And you KNOW I'll be spilling something on those..hands of butter, I tell ya
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  7. kafu288's Avatar
    *strokes James Harden's beard

    These new couches are comfortable. I'm glad you decided to class the place up.

    I like the predictions but i think its slightly more likely that we find out the fates. We did just have a massive break. Its more like the magician performing the trick and then time standing still for 6 months before he reveals how. It seems instantenous if you look back but its a long fucking time for the week-to-week listeners
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  8. nikvoodoo's Avatar
    Sure to week to week listners it seems like a really long time, but in terms of the story I'm pretty sure that the revelation comes later.

    I've also been proven wrong over and over again. So who knows. And KC is playing mind games.......
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  9. StickUpKid's Avatar
    have we forgot about ground zero? maybe they fly over it in the helicopter. maybe not. but ya cant leave us hangin kc!
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  10. nikvoodoo's Avatar
    No we haven't forgot about ground zero, but I don't think anything ground zero related happens this chapter. There's more immediate needs for all the groups than exploring ground zero right now in my opinion.
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    *Strokes ginger beard and laments being soulless ginger*

    Ahh, what a joy to have the sweet smell of the Voodoo Lounge in my nostrils once more!
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    I like beards!
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  13. Pikepaw's Avatar
    *Regrets shaving beard as his hand now paws at the empty air*

    So new chapter title is Inadequate Strength, makes me think that Michael may have an emo moment. I put this at 60%. I can't tell who is in the artwork, most likely Michael but there is a possibility it is Saul...
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  14. kafu288's Avatar
    Inadequate Strength - clearly Michael has trouble lifting something due to broken arm and reveals why arm is broken.
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  15. StickUpKid's Avatar
    @nik, i do agree about many more important things, but i didnt mean so much as explore and check out.

    @kafu thats really smart i didnt think about that. I'm anxious to see what happens

    And is there an expected time it will be up on itunes at
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  16. nikvoodoo's Avatar
    Usually by 12pm eastern time.
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  17. Zade1988's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by kafu288
    Inadequate Strength - clearly Michael has trouble lifting something due to broken arm and reveals why arm is broken.
    it could be that sol and victor finds the mallers new hideout and don't have enough manpower to save blondie and the rest and get captured themselves
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  18. nikvoodoo's Avatar
    Personally, I'm going with the idea of mental anguish being the inadequate strength.

    Problem being we've already seen Michael go through it, so who would it be?
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  19. kek's Avatar
    *strokes face since I am not the bearded lady* So much to think about... Could Saul not even try to find the other tower people, and instead go after the Mallers to get Lizzy? So we could get the different story lines, and find out where the Mallers new home is...
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  20. StickUpKid's Avatar
    coukd it be possible that the helicopter crew bumps into durai. maybe they tel durai what scratch did the durai+heli crew= somewhat allies. its a large stretch but you never know. Or someone bumps into skittles!
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