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One Beer No Bread. Part one Survivor kitchen “American Style”

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Bread is called the staff of life without it nations have fallen. Wars have been waged. Even some queen in France got her head taken off because she told her people when they were out of bread to eat cake. Also, to be honest a peanut butter and jelly sandwich isn’t really as good when you don’t have the bread to put it on and it’s messy too.
What’s a good homemaker to do in the zombie uprising when your last loaf is gone and you’re out of those awesome little packets of active dry yeast? You make sour dough!

A Brief History of Sour dough though the ages.
It’s believed that sourdough originated in Egypt about 4000 years ago as archeologists have found amongst the ruins of graves samples of leavened bread. What is leavened bread you ask? Its bread that has had yeast or baking soda added to it to cause it to rise up and be light and there for tender. Unleavened bread is anything flat like tortilla, naan and unleavened breads though easier to make are tiresome when you’re used to different.
In America’s history sour dough was brought to notice during the gold rush age by the miners went from place to place carrying with them small pots of sour dough so that they could make bread and biscuits daily. The miners were called “Old sour dough”
The added benefit of a sour dough starter is the bread’s tangy chewy texture lasts longer than its softer commercial yeast cousin loaf.
Ok my challenge this week was to get a sour dough starter going with one bottle of beer, water, sugar, salt and flour.. No packet of yeast to “help” it along.
I’ve done “beer starters before but never one from scratch with no package of yeast to help it along. This will be an interesting adventure or the making of the world’s greatest stink bomb if it rots rather then sours

The ingredients ...

Yes I know it looks like gloopy pancake batter

the bubbles are good it means there is yeast feeding on the flour and the sugar.

We will check it again in a day or two and see if it worked
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Survivor Kitchen


  1. cupcakezombie's Avatar
    *Waits with baited breath...
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  2. yarri's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by cupcakezombie
    *Waits with baited breath...

    me too cause if it goes the stink bomb route I'll have to clean the pot... argh!!!111111
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  3. Creem_Filling's Avatar
    I need to stop reading these blogs at school. There is no food accessible to subdue my sudden hunger.
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  4. Eviebae's Avatar
    For what it's worth, grapes are supposed to have wild yeast on them.
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