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Zombie Battlegrounds - The Tower (Season 2 Spoilers!)

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I have the time to make another Zombie Battlegrounds! Took long enough... But anywho, if you haven't been here for the last 3 months, Zombie Battlegrounds is a little thing I write up where I put you in a situation in a zombie world and you have to explain your idea on how to get out. Now that the explanation's out of the way, let's put the real world scenarios behind for a bit and focus on the place we all know and love here on the forum, The Tower. The Tower is a real place, but let's look at it in a fictional way.

First off The Tower is an apartment building sitting pristinely in the middle of downtown Los Angeles. Do I really need to describe more than that though?

The Story:
The scenario is kind of like that beautifully action packed season 2 finale we all just listened to.

You're a resident of The Tower. The characters in the story do not exist. Think of you guys as the extra people in the background. You are the leader though. The people look up to you. Then these guys with RPGs and tankers roll on up asking for people in your tower. They demand you give them up. Zombies are surrounding the bottom of the building too. So what do you do? Give up the person and possibly strain the sanctity of The Tower? Fight to the death? Find a way to escape?

The Details:
Zombies: There were no special zombies in the episode, so none here either. Your normal acting zombies.
Turn rate: Same as the show.
Weapons: A large weapons room that you kept in case of zombie attack. Essentially Burt's weapons. If he had it in the show, you have it now.
Time of Day: I assume this took place early evening or late afternoon according to the chapter art.
Group: About 30 or so people.
Rescue: You decide how to get out of the situation!

The Map: Anything you need is found here:
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