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Chapter 24 "The Harder They Fall" Wrap up (CONTAINS SPOILERS!)

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........ummmm holy shit balls. That you Kc, Shane, Cast, Crew everyone! What a great way to leave us hanging for the break! I loved the post credit sequence (that'll learn all those folks that don't listen all the way through!), Kalani's final flight nearly made me cry on the subway (which is not necessarily recommended, ROCK ON KEVIN FLOOD!), and when I heard the heightened voice of Jim Gleason describing Burt coming across (before the line snapped) I knew something terrible was about to Just awesome! There are some predictions from the past that I suppose in retrospect should have come back for this one, but I got 14 to get to right now, no more dawdling, lets see if the Voodoo Lounge leaves season 2 with a winning record!!!

Saul Will Attempt to Trade Pegs
I could try to massage this into a win, but it's obviously not one. Saul was thinking more rationally than I gave him credit for. I do not care that I may have alienated the hardcore Saul fans by my insistence that he was a bastard. But here's something I would definitely like to point out: Michael definitely believed it was possible, and I almost got the inkling that if put in the same situation.....Michael might have traded Lizzy for Pegs. Don't know if that's actually true or not, but Michael projected that onto Saul really hard....anyway, Prediction for me is a loss, but a win for the forum at 5-4.

We Learn Saul is Bluffing
There's no way we can learn he's bluffing until next season, I said. Saul is such a bastard and is going to trade Pegs, I said Nope, no way now how he's actually bluffing, I said! Or we can learn in the first 12 goddamn seconds that he's bluffing. As soon as I heard "I got her" without hearing how he got her, I knew I was hosed on these two predictions. Lose again, forum wins again 6-3.

Burt Dies Saving Lizzy/Saul (The Heroic Sacrifice Theory)
Well, Burt might be dead....and honestly probably should be dead, but he didn't do it in a sacrificial way, and he certainly didn't do it saving Saul or Lizzy. But of course, we didn't see the body so.... I win, so did the forum 9-1. Britt wins too....she's been calling for his death for a while. At least until he turns up in traction in the Maller encampment.

NOW There Will Be A Massive Zombie Attack
Well, if I didn't consider what happened at the hospital to be a massive zombie attack, I certainly can't finagle it into a win here either. The zombies present weren't so overwhelming that the Mallers had to leave...and they were on the ground with the zombies. They were capable of holding the zombies at bay, so no massive zombie attack. Now...if you ask Steven and any of the other Red Shirts if there was a massive zombie attack, I bet you'd get a different answer. But we never liked them anyway. Loss #3 on the blog for me, and a loss for the forum who went 9-1 with me P.S. Who here didn't cheer out loud when Steven got his block knocked off by Burt?? That was awesome!

The Rat Is Revealed
Told ya! The rat isn't coming back unless they are forced to, and nothing forced their hand yet. We got a little more contradictory information about the rat again: Was it Kalani and this Hannah situation?? But Scratch said something about a woman a few chapters ago?? WTF!!!!???? Is the Rat a tranny? Ok, that's it! Everyone drop trou and lets see what you got! Either way, no rat so Win for the blog, but a draw for the forum with a 5-5 split vote.

The Tower Leaves for Fort Irwin
We technically don't know their final it most likely Fort Irwin? It is the only plan they had in place since Michael returned from the Colony: Get a chopper, get to Fort Irwin. Might they stop somewhere else? Yeah sure but there really was no mention of where they were going.....

....They're going to Fort Irwin. The way I worded the prediction (on purpose) was if they even take off in the helicopter with their plan partially intact, meant I was going to lose. So I do, and so does the forum 6-3.

There Will be Only One Working Helicopter
Uh.....yeah. way to have one helicopter not be functional. Win for me and the forum (9-1). Good prediction, Gd!

The Mallers Located the Other Tower
No mention of where the actual sane portion of the Mallers might be located. The only mentions we got of Durai were in passing. But sad thing to note, whatever scanner/radio set up the Mallers have to monitor the Tower is mobile. Either that or Scratch is just that much of a psychic she knows what channel the Tower is on at all times. I got it wrong (I see a pattern forming thus far....) but at least you were right there with me again 6-4.

Bricks Turns on The Mallers
He didn't, but something kinda interesting is it almost seemed like Tar wanted to turn on Scratch specifically when he barked out the "Hash it out" stuff. I didn't think anyone would give Scratch that much lip...ever. Bricks seemed most perturbed about going behind Durai's back, and we know how much Durai hates being lied to...wonder who Scratch pins this little plan of hers on.....Once again, I lose, and so did the forum 11-3.

Scratch Will Tell Saul Lizzy is Pregnant
Because of the endgame I had in mind (The Mexican Stand Off at LAX) this prediction seemed awfully tempting...and I'm not lying when I said I went back and forth all week long switching between 51% and 49%. And Monday morning at 2am, it was at 51%. The last thing I did before I went to bed was change it back, and I'm glad I did. I won because of my last second indecision, and so did you, forum!

We Will Learn About Scratch and Angel's History
As has been pointed out in the discussion thread, there is more evidence mounting that Angel and Scratch knew each other before the outbreak. In what capacity still remains to be seen, and the evidence is classic the Kc "Is this evidence, or is it not evidence?" Going into Season 3, we'll probably learn more about it if Angel did indeed survive the collapse of the Tower. Especially since he'd be in the possession of Scratch. I win, as does the forum 9-5.

We Learn the Purpose of Pippen
You know what's amusing? When I first tallied my win/loss and posted it in the Chatbox I considered this a loss because I didn't hear the conversation about Pippin and the rat....My connection dropped during that very conversation revealing exactly what Pippin's purpose was. Wouldn't you know it? I started to bounce up and down on the subway when I finally heard that conversation! So happy! I win and the forum was right there with me (9-4)!

We Find Who Randy Is/Was, and the Events at the Water Pumping Station
Since this was established in the comments section of the Prediction Blog, I will again point out that GD_Elite is absolved from this being his prediction.

Randy is definitely a plot point that will come out eventually, but again since it's Michael's plot line it's going to be really hard to pull out of him. And there certainly wasn't an opportunity to do it this chapter. It was filled with Angry Michael, Annoyed Michael, Sorrowful Michael, Raging Michael, Excited Michael and numerous other facets of Michael, but Introspective Michael didn't come out to play. And I still believe Pegs is the only one who is going to get Michael to open up and she was busy saving everyone's asses. I win this as does the forum 11-3.

A Main Character Dies at Scratch's Hand
I was really close to making this prediction "A Main Character Dies," but I really wanted to make it more specific. Had I made it generic, I would have won three times over: Kalani, Burt and Angel. Don't care how much wishing and pining is going on right now, they are presumed to be dead, so I would be able to call it a win on that regard.

While Scratch created the circumstances that resulted in the three (presumed) deaths, she wasn't the one that caused any one of them to die. So I lose this time, and the forum did too 9-5. it's time to see if the Voodoo Lounge made the playoffs with our regular season record!
Scorecard for this chapter:
7 Wins
7 Losses
0 Draw

That brings my Season 2 final record to:

32 Wins
21 Losses
2 Draws

So that's 55 predictions on record for Season 2 and gives me a winning percentage of 58% on the season (ok well last 1/3 of the season, but that's semantics).

The Voodoo Lounge is now closed for renovations. But check out my other blog project I'm working on with They Call Me Revolver Survival, Inc. We're going to try to help you get through the lull with some kick ass entertainment by rating your zombie survival plans.

Thanks for reading this season it's been a lot of fun to do this and to have people read it and respond. I never thought anyone would, so I am grateful to you all! Writing without an audience is unfun. Writing with an interactive audience kicks ass! So even though I'm done for the moment, you can bet that come one week before the release of Chapter 25, the lounge will be back, better than ever, stocked to the brim with top shelf alcohol (for those over 21 of course), and back to our old prognostication ways! Until then, you can follow me on Twitter, or contact me via email at
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Updated Aug 1st, 2011 at 09:26 AM by nikvoodoo

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  1. yarri's Avatar
    Saul can be very rational...
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  2. nikvoodoo's Avatar
    You realize that I can make a case for Saul causing the (presumed) deaths of both Angel and Burt because he wasn't at the Tower to set up the zipline that failed, right?
    0 Likes, 0 , 0 , 0
  3. MancheeLivesOn's Avatar
    Wasn't the knots that failed nik. The rope burned off 30 feet from the end. And unless you want to go telling me Saul was on the ground with a flamethrower that shoots 6 stories in the air we shall have to assume that you are stark raving mad.
    0 Likes, 0 , 0 , 0
  4. nikvoodoo's Avatar
    if you can prove someone in the tower is as experienced inspecting the gear as Saul was to notice the rope might have been weak in a way someone who wasn't in mountain division could and can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the rope failed because of the fire and not because it snapped and then got singed in the fire while dangling off the side of the adjacent tower....then you can't refute that Saul's temper tantrum may have caused the death of Burt and Angel.
    0 Likes, 0 , 0 , 0
  5. yarri's Avatar
    Nik, I know with out a shadow of a doubt that you can prove using the power of your evil twisted mind that all of it is Saul's fault. up to and including the possibility that the initial out break was his fault too
    That rope was part of an entire set that was geri rigged I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did. I have spent the last hour arguing with Mylittlepwny about the fact I don't think Burt fell to his death. After I have sleep, I will come and do battle with you as well. I enjoy our battles its fun
    0 Likes, 0 , 0 , 0
  6. nikvoodoo's Avatar
    Well...... Saul does live closest to ground zero......

    Besides, this of arguing cause and effect. Meaning there's no real way to prove right or wrong. There's just a big argument to be had.with no way to declare a winner.
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  7. MancheeLivesOn's Avatar
    So arguing for the sake of arguing? My favorite past time.
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  8. cupcakezombie's Avatar
    Well, there is a way to prove a winner, but I don't think KC will weigh in on this one just yet.
    Hmmm, sounds like a thread, things to ask KC when the show is finished
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  9. nikvoodoo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by MancheeLivesOn
    So arguing for the sake of arguing? My favorite past time.
    Sorta, but not really. If I actually believed it was Saul's fault I'd have a half way decent case to my name. But since I don't believe it's his fault...meh. Not worth wasting the space truly arguing over it.
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