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So here I sit, Staring at word document no.4. The first of what would be a four part blog entry. I somehow feel….let down. All in all, it’s a good read, nice sentence structure. All the points I wished to make are made, and it seemingly flows well in a 3 part narrative storyline. The problem?, its not “me”…not written in my normal, gonzo style. Not ,liberal, with, the, commas. Not rough around the edges. Certainly not the kind of thing I would call a “random 7hought”…

The purpose of taking the extra initiative to blog, to me, is self expression on a larger scale than a single thread post. ALL of us have the desire to express ourselves, otherwise we there would simply be lurkers on this site. I feel confident when I say, taking the time to register and simply post; “Whoa, I really liked that episode” on a chapter discussion thread is just as much a form of self expression as blogging. We all express ourselves in one way or another here, So why bother with blogging? Why take the time to make a little part of yourself known? Why give others the opportunity to see the people who, otherwise are simply a userame and avatar? Perhaps the best answer, perhaps the ONLY answer is……why not?

The main reason I joined this forum is the theories section. That should come as no surprise to anyone who has viewed the crackpot thread. For me, all the hypothesizing and theorizing that can be done from a simple twenty minutes every week won me over. That’s truly why I wished to begin this blog in the first place. Not as a place to polish the nuggets of gold I make in the theory section, but a place to express the thoughts behind those thoughts. perhaps what I find even more interesting than an idea, is the ideas origin. what brought the creator to come up with the idea? everyone has a story behind their creative inspiration. the creative spark that first ignited the lightbulb above their heads.....making a man/women into a creative monster. Inspired by the simplest of things..."sparked" by the day to day events the rest of us see as mundane

Inspiration strikes the creative mind in the most interesting of areas. Be that in a dream, nightmare, the subconscious. Whatever the case may be. Inspiration, (the”spark”) can strike at anytime. Picture this….Walking down the street, you look over and notice a neighbor out for the evening jog. Suddenly, the image of her running for her life from an undead horde flashes through your mind… how she could escape from them.? Then what? Where does she go once they have cleared out? Does she have family? Maybe she will go back home to look for them, to protect her children. But what if …one of them has already turned, and she’s dragging her brother behind her… if he were her favorite teddy…

----------end scene---------

And that is what im looking for here, the thoughts behind the thoughts. An exploration of the man behind the crackpot. not just myself, but, if I can find enough willing participants. I’m hoping to do the some pseudo-interviews with the more “prominent” theorists on the site. In hopes of also learning of what makes up the theorist within them. We all have our own story, our own reason for being here. that’s perhaps what makes this forum so wonderful…we truly are as diverse a cast as the podcast itself…more on THAT to come..

Oh yea , one more thing
- Are you sure you want to delete document no.4 :
“What dreams may come and other conceptual philosophies” ?-

Todd out
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Random 7houghts


  1. Osiris's Avatar
    I like where all this is leading.
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