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They're Not Dead

They're Not Dead - Episode 21

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Disclaimer: I will not be talking about the We’re Alive podcast. I will be talking about the We’re Not Dead podcast. There will be spoilers of We’re Not Dead and consequently, We’re Alive spoilers may be included. Read with caution if you have not listened to either of the podcasts.

Hey everyone! First I must apologize for being super late on this one. I have no set schedule on when I try to get these blogs written by, but I try not to be a week late. I guess since Britt was pretty late with this week’s episode, it is okay.

I was noticing this beeping the entire podcast. I kept thinking that someone had messaged in the chatbox, but every time I checked I realized it was just in the podcast. I think someone was chatting while recording. And towards the end I was hearing this high pitch ringing. I know that the older you are, the less you hear of high pitches so it probably went unheard by a lot of people. I am relatively young compared to a lot of people on the forums. But I kept thinking I was near a horcrux or something. (Part 2 was awesome right!?!)

I do not even know what to say about Greg being back. He is actually there as often as a teenage girl is in a good mood, which is not often. I have said it all before, he has been a better co-host and I enjoy it when he is there. Too bad he is a busy man. And if you will all remember something he said, he told Britt that he does not really like to think about what might happen. Which is a relatable thought for me, and I gained respect for him on that. Some people spend far too much whining about how the show has become predictable, but if people would stop trying to predict every little thing, then they would be surprised a lot more. I know this may be difficult for some people, but it has always been the way I watch movies or read books. I always stay in the moment and have never tried to predict an ending. In fact, We’re Alive is the only thing I ever give thought to what might happen next.

Nikvoodoo was also on this week, as he is every end of chapter. Again he showed that he is a super genius and wowed us with his knowledge of the show. He knows the show best out of all the people I know on the forums. If you have not read his blog or listened to his predictions on We’re Not Dead, I strongly suggest you do so. There is not much I can say about him though, he was a good guest and the few predictions he made were solid. He gave me a lot to think about for this season finale.

Episode discussion and theories were really awesome this time. Since we are coming up on chapter 24, the season 2 finale, there was a lot to talk about. A show as unpredictable and fantastic as We’re Alive could go a great many different directions, and We’re Not Dead approached some of the more interesting twists it could take. But more importantly they talked about 23-3, which is why everyone listened to We’re Not Dead this week.

We’re Not Dead pointed out something, yet again, that I had noticed. The radio stations being possible chapter references, I never thought of that. Nik said that it is just channels and not references, but I thought it was interesting all the same.

When Britt was doing the overview of the chapter I could not help but notice how leisurely that they skipped over the fact that zombies were using the elevators. I know that they know the zombies are smarter than they originally thought, but is it really old hat now? Until then, they haven’t actually seen them use technology. The idea that they know how to operate an elevator, to me, would be very scary. And does this prove that they can read now? It is one thing to know how to push a button, but it is something completely different for the zombies to know which button to press to get to the top floor. Also, it was not even the smart zombie we all know and hate, “Paul”. Have the regular biters really advanced so much in the few months they have been infected? In the beginning they could not even open an unlocked door.

Are “Paul” and Ink really different people, or one man? We know that Bill Roberts was supposed to have a split personality and it is theorized that he is Ink, so I think that it is possible that he is both. Plus, there was what was mentioned on We’re Not Dead. The man that attacked the tower was shot in the hand, and the man in the hallway had a deformed hand. Then we raise another question, the zombie at the tower, did Michael not refer to him as Randy? So either “Paul” and Ink would have to be different people, because Michael would have recognized this Randy character the first time he met “Paul” in the hallway, or the man that attacked the tower is neither of them. And I have seen a lot of theories going about him being one of the two. Not to mention, he would have to be incredibly fast to run from the tower to the hospital in the time that went down. This subject was discussed pretty thoroughly in We’re Not Dead. In the end, I feel we have too much unspecific information to make any good theories on this. We need something more definitive before this could be more properly discussed, which may only come in a conclusion came about by a character who has actually seen them.

They were talking about why the zombies might be “attacking” the hospital. I believe this has been a subject in past episodes as well, and I am going to agree with one of the theories made then. A lot of people seem think that the zombies were all there to attack, but were they really? They had no way of knowing they would be there. But the theory was made that they were just looking for a new home. With the arena gone, the zombies have nowhere to hangout. The zombies may be just looking for a new place to make base at, and where better than that hospital? It is obviously huge and we can now see that someone was using it to make a “little ones”, so it has more than one use for them. It’s not the only theory out there, but it is the one that makes the most sense to me.

Now for the biggest question on everybody’s mind, who is Saul going to give away? This was the big cliff hanger for 23-3, and the most exciting discussion on We’re Not Dead because of it. Some people think that Saul is bad now, but others think there is still some possibility of good. And it was all discussed. The most popular theory discussed was he is going to give away Pegs. But, as Nik pointed out, he would never be able to go back to the tower. Not only would he be seen as a criminal, but Michael would destroy him. Some think he might try to give away Angel because of the mystery history that Angel and Scratch had. But Michael is the only one who knows about that, and even he does not really know. That is more of a dramatic irony sort of thing. I personally agree with the Saul lover theory that Nik brought up. He is only trying to trick Scratch. I think that Saul is acting irrationally, but he has done enough good things that he is deserving of our trust for now. He could simply talk to Pegs and Michael about it, and they could make a plan to make the exchange without anybody being taken by the Mallers. It would be difficult, but Saul has been with us too long for me to believe he has gone to the dark side.

Overall, this was a very good episode. It had really good episode discussion and the theories mentioned were outstanding. It made me, and anyone else who listened, really crave for the finale. The wait for the end may be unbearable, but it really is great to hear all of it discussed so well. It is a little bit like watching a movie trailer before seeing a really good movie in theatres. You get a good taste of what might happen, but it pumps you up for when it finally all goes down.

For all those who still have not yet abandoned the forums for the break (and golly, I hope you don’t),

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They're Not Dead


  1. Osiris's Avatar
    Well done, sir. Well done. Sorry I was unavailable to edit this edition but I was dealing with a loss in the family. I'm all over the next one though, broseph.
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  2. Creem_Filling's Avatar
    No problem and I'm sorry to hear that I like how this one turned out anyways.
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    Updated Jul 23rd, 2011 at 12:04 PM by Creem_Filling
  3. Pikepaw's Avatar
    When I figured out they were using the elevator, my only thought was, "They were driving cars by chapter five to set up ambushes". I'm certain that was a couple of smart ones though in Chapter Five. Of course we don't know how the "smart" ones mix in with the it still does leave some fear if they are getting smarter in general.
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  4. Creem_Filling's Avatar
    Well my point was that they had never actually seen them do anything. Yes, we saw that someone had moved the car at some point, but that was assumed to be mister "Paul" who was watching them creepily from the rooftop. Here they actually saw a horde of biters use an elevator. They pressed the correct button and got there w/o one the brainy zombies there to assist them. I understand there thought, I just think this evidence of a deeper intelligence to the zombies we haven't seen yet.
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  5. MancheeLivesOn's Avatar
    Creem my friend! I has finally located your blog. Navigating the webernet without a guide is a good way to get lost and typing in Creme Filling into a google search is a great way to find Twinkies but not so much for finding a fellow comrade's blog.

    Solid review and analysis but I have a few questions that I need clarified on the zombies. Are they really dead (as in no pulse) or living shells? Actual dead implies that they may not need to feed (your dead you need no sustinence!) And if they are living shells could these creatures reproduce? One massive generation of creatures will eventually starve or die off. Run of the mill Biters will die via Darwinism eventually which will leave only the smart ones and unless you run into a dense smart people population (i.e. not Hollywood) then you should'nt have an issue. Just a few speculations on the specifics on the nature of these creatures.
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  6. Creem_Filling's Avatar
    Lol. If only I knew. You should check out Yarri's blogs and Osiris' blogs for those. I believe they have talked about the zombies a lot in the past. Or send an email to Britt with these questions, they may talk about it on WND, and then I'll be talking about it here. Because that is a very interesting subject to talk upon, and I have a few ideas on it that I would be willing to share, if the opportunity showed itself.
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