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Chapter 24 Predictions (Contains Spoilers)

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Alright we go! This is it! THE BIG TIME! This is what we get to hang our hats on for the rest of this summer and into the fall! Hell, possibly even until next year! It's gonna be great! No more wasting time, we have got to get to some predictions. I'm not even going to make a zombie type joke this time, or put a heading for the chapter title because Kc won't give it to me! Lets do it!

Saul Will Attempt to Trade Pegs
First of all, the person being traded for Lizzy has to be weak enough to not put Saul down once they realize something is going wrong. That eliminates Michael, Angel, Victor, Burt and anyone else that wields a weapon with impunity (Kelly, Stephen, Riley, and probably even Datu). Also, the idea that Saul would trade the rat isn't a solid idea for two reasons: 1. Saul doesn't know who the rat is and 2. What value does the rat have to the Mallers if they've been exposed? None. Saul is going after a weak target, that gets the most value for the transaction.
To me, Pegs is the only person that makes sense. Pegs for Lizzy (as I predicted waaaay back in Chapter 21's blog). It's coming, and I'm 98% positive Pegs is the trade victim Saul has in mind.

We Learn Saul is Bluffing
This is the other prevalent theory bouncing around the forum regarding Saul right now. But here's the problem with this being true: Saul bluffing isn't something that we would necessarily have to learn this chapter. It's too neat of a bow to tie on the cliffhanger episode of the season. If we are going to find out that he's bluffing, we aren't going to know about it now. The only way we're going to discover it's a bluff is if he plays the bluff through to completion but if he does that, it's almost guaranteed someone dies because of it. So there's the options Saul Fans...we're either gonna view him as a bastard because he sold out Pegs, or he's a bastard because he caused the death of someone else. It could also be that Saul completes the trade and had no intention on bluffing, but has a change of heart after he sees Scratch torturing Pegs and can't stand it anymore. But that's not really a bluff, that's a change of heart. 25% we find out he's bluffing.

Burt Dies Saving Lizzy/Saul (The Heroic Sacrifice Theory)
It's impossible to credit this to just one person, so I won't credit it to anyone.

As I've said repeatedly, I don't believe Burt is the one to die in this season finale. And even though he found his shooting sights again on the roof of the hospital, I'm still not convinced Burt has hit that rock bottom I'd expect him to go to before he is willing to sacrifice his life. Especially if Saul takes Pegs. Burt won't purposefully sacrifice himself for a petulant child acting out to get his girlfriend back. Might he do it for Lizzy? Yeah maybe, and honestly I do see how it fits into his character profile. I really just think leaving him alive with a dead Saul or a dead Lizzy is way more interesting to me. 30% Burt Dies sacrificing himself for Saul and Lizzy.

NOW There Will Be A Massive Zombie Attack
I said last time if a big zombie attack didn't happen, I would bring it back this chapter and up my prediction percentage. Well, it didn't happen.....we still have zombies hanging out and "Guarding" the Tower....I say it happens now. No idea what causes it, but something is going to have to preoccupy the Tower from what might be happening over at LAX. 80% there is a massive zombie attack.

The Rat Is Revealed
Nope. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

As I said in my wrap up of chapter 22, the rat is underground again and is not coming back until they have to. Michael's assessment seems to be right: They may have been against the Tower at the time of the War, but they aren't anymore. Pippin created a large risk for whomever the Rat is, and he had to be taken out. What could possibly force the rat out of hiding now? I don't see anything that's currently happening that forces the reveal of the rat. While the revelation could be a cool cliff hanger, it's leaving us with an answer as the cliffhanger instead of a question and that seems an odd choice to me. Besides, there's other plot lines pushing the story forward right now, specifically the unhinged Saul.

If the rat gets discovered, it's the cliffhanger in the way of "OH MY GOD IT'S YOU!" and then you hear Michael Swan's voice and we are left pulling our hair out because we were oh so very close. 25% we discover the identity of the rat.

The Tower Leaves for Fort Irwin
I will admit, I was one of the first to assume the Tower was going to escape to Fort Irwin once Michael got back to the Tower. I even made a thread asking what's going to happen with the rest of the L.A. plot lines????!!!!! Well, quite simply I think they are not going to leave. Having them depart L.A. at this time doesn't make much sense to me. Besides, all the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. They have this wonderful cure all plan of flying away from their problems...The tower making it to Fort Irwin seems too nice of a thing to happen right now, and would require leaving Lewis behind, which is not something he signed up for as the patsy. Since I don't think the rat is revealed to release Lewis from his solitary confinement, I'm goin' low, 10% the Tower leaves for Fort Iwrin.

There Will be Only One Working Helicopter
This is one of a handful from GD-Elite.

While not specifying by death or by malfunction, it's rather safe to say at this moment that only one helicopter will be functional by the end of the chapter. For one thing, Pegs is going to be tied up in some sort of prisoner exchange/otherwise preoccupied. For another, do we really trust Datu to get this fixed and working? The only other large piece of mechanical equipment he's tried to fix he couldn't do it. This is bound to be infinitely more complicated than the generator in the Tower.

But leaving Datu and his abilities out of the equation for now, Pegs being the target of Saul's dastardly plot (assumed of course) makes it so the Jolly Green Giant stays grounded at LAX. 80% only one helicopter if functional at the end of chapter 24.

The Mallers Located the Other Tower
As has been pointed out by a few people, Scratch is at a location where the Mallers are able to scan all channels for Tower communication once again. Having that amount of equipment with her on the mission to the Arena makes little to no sense at all. With the distance and effective range of the communication equipment the Tower has, it pretty much means that my prediction about Durai going down South to the Colony with his group of people is going... well....south. But since we know Sean carried Hope to the Colony, that means that the Other Tower might have been situated in southern L.A. As I said on WND even if the defenses of the Other Tower were breached, the odds of the zombies destroying the cemented in windows and any other assortment of other defensive barriers are pretty low. And the words of people involved in the chaos can't be trusted because of the sheer insanity of being overrun.

From the get go, it appears to have been Durai's plan to find the Mallers a better home. His other goal has been to not have to work hard at it and would just prefer to take over an already protected space. He just wants one ready made for him, is that really too much to ask?. The Other Tower could be that other place. 55% The Mallers have moved into the Other Tower.

Bricks Turns on The Mallers
This is another popular theory making the rounds on the forum. The prediction has varied from Bricks killing Scratch and freeing Lizzy, to Bricks frees both Lizzy and Saves Pegs while killing Tardust, even to just simply Bricks frees Pegs with Michael's help. Let's just simplify it and say Bricks Turns on the Mallers.

While I like the idea, I'm not sure I see it happening right now. If Bricks turns at this moment, especially if Scratch is around, I have a hard time figuring a way he survives long enough to join the Tower, or effectively free Lizzy.

However, if Scratch is dumb enough to place Bricks in charge of Lizzy's security and they are left alone, the percentage of this prediction go up dramatically. Lizzy is obviously gifted at gab with a doctorate in mental manipulation (ok well psycho therapy but one in the same), and if she gets the opportunity to make her situation better she'll do it. I've now talked myself into a circle and I can really see this breaking either direction right now.....but the seeds got laid a while I'll put this into the affirmative category: 51% Bricks Turns on the Mallers.

Scratch Will Tell Saul Lizzy is Pregnant
This is from 7oddisdead and from what I found, he's the only one to propose this so far (at least that I could find).

My gut says to me this is something that could happen. Especially in some horrible moment where Scratch shoots Lizzy in the stomach or something horrific like that and then gets all giggly and happy and says to Saul "O YAH BTW...." Does it make me a horrible person that I think Scratch is capable of being that heinous? This prediction really gains some legs if Lizzy turns Bricks and they are caught making a get away.... I do kinda feel like this isn't information that Scratch would personally reveal unless Lizzy is dead. It seems like it would be the dagger to the heart of Saul.

I'm seriously getting sick of your predictions, 7odd. They make me think too hard and eventually, I'm going to have an aneurism because of them. I've gone back and forth from 49%, and 51% for two weeks now...but I've finally landed on 49% Scratch spills the Preggers Beans.

We Will Learn About Scratch and Angel's History
A prediction from GD-Elite.

While the basic assumption is Scratch and Angel have a history, and it's assumed it's got something to do with Angel's hot-wiring ability....I'm not certain that's a story to plunge into this chapter. Unless Angel is revealed as the rat, then it makes perfect sense to start dusting that off. Scratch is very good with faces as we've seen so it can't be taken lightly that she recognizes Angel. I'm not entirely convinced Scratch has been able to place the "Blonde Boy-O" in her memory, meaning it might have to be Angel to reveal this information to us. I'm not entirely sure this happens now. I think a larger impact might come later on if Angel reveals his history with Scratch after she's caused some major damage to the Tower's psyche. 20% we learn about Angel And Scratch's history.

We Learn the Purpose of Pippen
This is a brain child all my own.

It's another one of those theories that hopefully we discover the answer to, but it's hard to know if it comes now. I already think the Rat is not coming back right now, so it's hard to go ahead and say that we'll know why Pippin was sent to the Tower since those story lines are intertwined. However, Saul does know about Pippin's story so during the exchange he might bring it up. Pegs would also be very well versed in the Pippin saga. She might be able to confront Scratch about it, especially if Scratch plays the Mallers are innocent of aggression against the Tower.

As I said in the chapter 23-3 discussion thread, from the Maller's perspective the Tower has been nothing but assholes since they met (stole their tanker, wouldn't let them into their apartment building, fired the first shots of the war, killed at least 10 or more Mallers/burned them alive with molotov cocktails etc...) it could be argued that the Mallers view the Tower in the same way the Tower views the Mallers: A threat to their survival. But in regards to Pippin....I can really see it going either way. We don't necessarily need to know this information now, but what does prolonging the reveal of this information do? What does it buy us? Hard to know since we don't know what Pippin's intention truly was. Pippin was introduced quickly, and disposed of even quicker, I think it's about time we discover the real story, but I'm not totally convinced, so I'll go barely positive: 55% we learn why Pippin was in the Tower.

We Find Who Randy Is/Was, and the Events at the Water Pumping Station
The final one I'm pulling from GD-Elite.

Michael doesn't volunteer information easily, and the only person who has been able to get even the smallest amount of personal information/deeper emotions out of him successfully has been Pegs. And she's not going to be in a place to talk about Michael's inner most demons according to my cliffhanger scenario.

Riley and Kelly have had varied success as well, but Michael resists Riley completely whenever she gets close to scratching the surface, and Kelly only got information out of him when he was an emotional wreck after Tommy's death. Besides, the introduction of Randy now sets up plot lines for Season 3. Now we really want to know who's Randy, how did he get that way, how does Michael know him etc etc etc. But the key is: No one at the Tower heard him acknowledge Randy during that chaos. So no one can confront him about it, and Michael sure as hell won't volunteer it on his own. 5% we Find out about Randy/the happenings of the Water Station.

A Main Character Dies at Scratch's Hand
We are getting to the point in the story where Main Characters become fair game. In most zombie survival stories the first characters to go are people that you don't really care about, but the closer you get to the middle/end of the story the more susceptible main characters are to the kiss of death. I have been told of a story told long ago of the previous forums....where Kc said Scratch is going to become someone you as an audience member begin to truly despise. I don't think she's done anything worthy of that emotion yet this season. Yes, she's treated Lizzy poorly, but she immediately turned around and protected her. Beyond that, what has she done to truly gain the ire of the audience? Well, death has a way of focusing the mind....on your hatred of Scratch. 75% Scratch kills a main character in the finale!

So What's the Cliffhanger???
Well, you guys have posted your theories of the Season 2 endgame: here's my stab at it:

The cliffhanger comes at LAX where Scratch has come to claim Pegs and return Lizzy in the exchange Saul has set up. This sets up Saul being a bastard, and during the exchange someone is fatally wounded by Scratch. The last thing we get to hear is Pegs screaming as Scratch takes her away.

So that's it! No more predicting for Season 2. For me, it's in the books! I honestly don't care if I get every single one of these things wrong. I still love the story and love the surprises Kc and Co. give us. The wrap up for this season will come on Monday the 1st. See you then, and hold on to your butts!
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  1. 7oddisdead's Avatar
    Good list...and glad to help...
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  2. nikvoodoo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by 7oddisdead
    Good list...and glad to help...
    I'm still in the hospital in a coma because of you.....SHHH!
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  3. Pegsocalypse Now's Avatar
    Great blog, Nikvoodoo! Makes the wait a little easier...
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  4. GD_Elite's Avatar
    When I said that I thought the situation with Randy would be revealed, I was actually guessing that was something you were going to have thought of, and I don't think it will happen. Unless it turns out to be correct, and then I take full credit...

    Quote Originally Posted by Pegsocalypse Now
    Great blog, Nikvoodoo! Makes the wait a little easier...
    Its making the wait harder for me, because it got me excited all over again.
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  5. nikvoodoo's Avatar
    That was the reason I held out until this week to release the blog post. It's been done since last Tuesday, with minor tweaks here and there. I wanted people to get all jazzercised for this Saturday!

    Sorry for the misunderstanding, Gd. I actually didn't even think Randy would be discussed for the reasons I brought up in the prediction. I think you were the only one who brought up that Randy would be explored, hence why I gave you the credit for the prediction. I absolve you from credit for the prediction, unless it breaks in your favor
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  6. VeritableHero's Avatar
    A fantastic read, as always. I'll want to chew on these some more but I think your success / failure rate is about to sky rocket, maybe because you are borrowing so many ideas from other people?
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  7. nikvoodoo's Avatar
    I do have the potential to blow my Season 2 winning record in one blog, but I don't much care about that. And if I don't blow it, I'll make the playoffs and set myself up for a great run at the championship...

    ....the....Predicting We're Alive Championship....more prestigious than the Stanley Cup....or something....
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  8. cupcakezombie's Avatar
    I love that the helicopter on has come true in a way we didn't even think about. They had two and one goes down in a blaze of glory.
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  9. GD_Elite's Avatar
    I give you 7 wins, 7 losses. At least one of mine was right. We were close to hearing more about Scratch/Angel. I actually thought that Angel was going to die, but I picked that prediction because I thought we would find it out before he died. Which is why I think he has survived C24.

    So... when are the season 3 predictions coming?
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  10. nikvoodoo's Avatar
    HA! Wouldn't you know it! In the time my connection was lost, I DID get a prediction right! Excellent!!! I do now have 7 wins and 7 losses.

    Not sure how I'll structure it yet, but predictions will come with the release of the 3rd season. I might do an over arching season prediction, but definitely chapter 25 predictions will come on the Monday prior to the release of Chapter 25 as per always. Voodoo Lounge recap on Monday morning for the official win loss tally of the season!
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