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They're Not Dead

They're Not Dead - Episode 20

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Disclaimer: I will not be talking about the We’re Alive podcast. I will be talking about the We’re Not Dead podcast. There will be spoilers of We’re Not Dead and consequently, We’re Alive spoilers may be included. Read with caution if you have not listened to either of the podcasts.

Hello everybody and happy [belated] 4th of July to Americans! Now that I’m finally done with blowing things up, I think it is time that tell you what I think of Episode 20 of We’re Not Dead, and to be quite honest, I am not excited about this. I am a big fan of We’re Not Dead, and I don’t like speaking ill of it. I did not really like this episode (although I have listened to it three times to write this blog).

Now before you start raging at me for saying that, hear me out. There were multiple aspects to it that made it kinda boring. First off, our friendly neighbourhood Greggy was missing again. There was a mystery woman guest named “Michelle”. And there a couple of informational errors that are bugging me.

Let me explain:

Greg was gone again! It wasn’t mentioned why this time, so I and the rest of his fans are flustered at this because he only just got back from E3. He said it himself, the only thing he does is get on for an hour and talk. To me that doesn’t sound like much responsibility, but Greg is a heartbreaker and likes to toy with his fans with his crazy life.

Now as for the mystery guest. Do not mistake me here, I accept that not every We’re Alive fan is going to be from the forums and we have a lot of lurkers. I just don’t enjoy it as much when one of the guests was not a forum member I know. And if you do not know, I am on the forums a lot and know a lot of the active members. So I just found it rather curious that I was unfamiliar with this woman. I am not going to say that Britt should not have lurkers on, but I do think that forum goers are a more suitable form of guests since a lot of the discussion on We’re Not Dead includes content of the forums and its members. Although, she was enjoyable and seemed really excited to be on, so I think she needs to become a forum member so I do not have to feel mean for having these thoughts.

The informational error that I mentioned was made by j0be. He was sharing why he like the idea of shooting the cloth rope back up with Riley’s bow. I am actually quite a good archer, and while I have never tried to fire with something tied to my arrow, I am fairly certain that it would not work. Arrows are very sensitive beings while in the air, and the slightest change in variables (like weight) can make them go way off course. I understood what he was saying, and that is not what I found incorrect. What I found wrong was when he said that the three main types of bows are composite, compound and crossbow. That is not true; the three types of bows would be better classified as longbow, compound and recurve. The crossbow is not really a bow. I am not an expert in this field, but I have knowledge of it.

With all that said, I like it when j0be comes on. I think he is funny and he seems to be the laid back listener that pays attention to detail in the episodes really well. It is admirable quality that makes him a good guest. I will admit that him being married and having two kids kinda throws me off. Here on the forums you grow a mental image of people, and I had him imagined as a teenager long before the “Dispel the Mental Images” thread.

As usual the episode discussion was good. The We’re Alive episode they were talking about was actually pretty simple, so there wasn’t much to cover. The theories discussion was especially good this week though. I really like the theory that was made that Burt and Angel are going to use the remaining blankets to go to the floor below them. We’re Not Dead has always provided excellent ideas like that for me to think on. And the listener mail was excellent. It is my favourite part and I love hearing what everybody has to say. This week there were no wacky questions for Britt and guests to answer, but I am just happy that Britt is doing it again.

If you remember, last week we had the ad-lib session clip with the We’re Alive crew and Britt was the only one voting for the Jim Gleason blooper. Well, this week she got it. As to be expected of our perfect Jim Gleason, there was only one mess up. I am not going to try to explain to you why it was funny; you will have to check that out for yourself. It is always interesting to hear these people we have built up as bad ass zombie killers, cracking their selves up.

From a small basement in the middle of Kansas, I bid you all adieu.

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They're Not Dead


  1. Osiris's Avatar
    Bravo, sir... bravo.
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  2. j0be's Avatar
    I'm not quite sure why Greg wasn't on either, but it happens. It's kind of funny that both times that I've been on, he hasn't been there for me to play off of.

    Also, I totally forgot that we didn't fully introduce Michelle during the recorded part of the episode. She does lurk on the forums, but she is an extremely active member on the Facebook page, which is how she contacted Britt to be on the episode.

    Thanks for the clarification about the bows. I'll admit, I don't have much experience with bows, beyond compound. (Which I don't own, just have played with on multiple occasions).

    But here's why I still like the idea of shooting the bedsheets back, even if not 100% feasible: it freaking rocks. . Now, I know that tying something to the bow will cause it to have a different trajectory than expected, but through some test fires, I think trajectory could be overcome. I haven't tested any of this, but I still think it is possible.
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  3. Creem_Filling's Avatar
    Dude, you sounded a lot more knowledgeable than most poeple. Most people don't understand how it is to shoot a bow. You at least knew what you were talking about for the most part. But I appreciated your input on that whole thing. When it was said in the episode originally I thought it kinda ridiculous and it was right that it should be addressed. And I like the idea too, I just don't think it's possible.
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  4. nikvoodoo's Avatar
    My good sir j0be, I agree. The idea does rock. And you know what? If it ended up happening, I would accept it and move on. If we end up back at the hospital this Monday and Riley comes out and shoots the bed sheet back up to them, I will nod my head and say "well ok" and say not another thing about it....maybe. I dunno if I have the will power to not say "SHENANIGANS!"
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  5. j0be's Avatar
    I don't think it's going to happen, though. If it was going to, it already would have. There is very little dynamic gained by having them go inside and then think of something they could have done from the beginning.
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