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They're Not Dead

They're Not Dead - Episode 19

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Disclaimer: I will not be talking about the We’re Alive podcast. I will be talking about the We’re Not Dead podcast. There will be spoilers of We’re Not Dead and consequently, We’re Alive spoilers may be included. Read with caution if you have not listened to either of the podcasts.

Okay. If you missed episode 19, you missed a lot. There was a hilarious script, extras straight from We’re Alive, and Greg was stripping. This episode was another long one. Which is a good thing, a lot more bang for your buck. But that phrase always confuses me, that means someone out there has excess bang and it selling for discount prices! I must give credit to Morte Ambulante for that joke, because he would not be happy with me if I did not. Anyway, it was another good episode, now here is why I think so.

At long last Greg is back! For the past two episodes he has been gone. He says he was working, but he was at E3. To me “work” is a word that brings unpleasantness to mind, and E3 sounds like a ball of fantasticness. But I am uber happy that he has returned. Now that we have our Britt-Greg combo back, I can see a huge increase in quality of the podcasts. Greg seemed in a much better mood than he has in past episodes. And by that I mean, he was nicer, but retained his Greg-ness.

This time there were two guests: Pikepaw and Leedo2502. I am really loving this four person discussion thing Britt has been doing. Ever since she started it the discussions have been far better. And I must compliment Britt too, this episode she was putting a lot more of her ideas into it. I’ve said in the past that I thought she didn’t talk enough on her thoughts, but I take that back. But anyways, both were fun guests to have. They knew their We’re Alive details and they had me laughing out loud, and I ask no more than that.

As to be expected from these action packed finale chapters of We’re Alive, the episode discussion took most of the time from this hour long episode. I am grateful Britt has now given people permission to interrupt with their comments. I know it was not unheard of before, but now that she has given the okay, I do not think people feel rude and do it a lot more. I have listened to some past episodes where it was a long period of Britt recapping the episode and everyone was silent as they listened. I thank whatever god you praise that people speak up now. This episode I heard a lot of what others thought of the happenings in 23-1. A couple of the things they said, I hadn’t even noticed the first time I listened. With four people there, someone was bound to know the small details. I had not even noticed that Kelly ran out firing her gun, nor Michael’s reaction.

On a side note. This is the second time that it was mentioned, but I’m still honestly surprised that she hasn’t seen Lord of the Rings. It just seems like something most gamers know. I understand that it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m a huge Lord of the Rings fan and it just kinda surprised me. And here is where I’ll explain the Greg stripping thing at the beginning. Apparently it was hot in his home and shared with everyone that he took off his pants. Not only verbally, but posted a picture of it. If you wanna see Greg in his banana boxers, you can find it on Facebook. Not sure where, but I remember seeing it posted on my wall.

What has happened to the listener mail? That’s what I wanna know. It is one of my favourite parts of We’re Not Dead, and it has been gone for two weeks. Plus, with all these guests, the mail would be so much better. We could hear the wacky answers of not only Britt and Greg, but forum goers we all know and love too!

There was also a script, written by Banvillon, titled “An Itch to Scratch”. It’s a story on how a romance between Riley and Scratch could have down. The script itself was good, but what made it funny was the actors playing the parts. If you didn’t know, Pikepaw has a radical voice for Riley. I’m not a fan of Scratch, at all. And Riley just kinda has been pissing me off of late, but I still enjoyed the script.

Now for the We’re Alive extras! It was an option between some bloopers, Jim Gleason messing up, and some adlibbing done by Datu, Burt, and Viktor. While Britt wanted the Jim Gleason mess up, and so did I, Greg, Pikepaw and Leedo chose the adlibbing. It was hilarious! The things they said were so out of character, it was just funny to see these non-existent sides. If you have not listened to We’re Not Dead, I strongly recommend listening, if not for Britt’s wonderful hosting, but you get excellent bonus content like this.

As for other We’re Not Dead news. Britt is working on a new site for We’re Not Dead. It’s going to have all sorts of new goodies that can be seen and discussed here or Britt’s website. I recently made a banner for the new website. You’ll have seen it if you are following We’re Not Dead on Twitter, but here is my work.

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Updated Jun 28th, 2011 at 09:16 PM by Creem_Filling

They're Not Dead


  1. Osiris's Avatar
    Good job, Creemo... now I don't have to listen to the show until I have more free time to devote to all things Britt.
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  2. Pikepaw's Avatar
    Thank you for the compliments
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  3. Magrat's Avatar
    Loving these run-throughs! Just enough indepthness without going overboard and if I hadn't already listened to WND this would have made me do so! Do you know if during the season break you'll be retracing your steps through the earlier ones, or just doing the more recent podcasts?
    Keep up the awesome blogs!
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  4. Creem_Filling's Avatar
    @Magrat In an earlier episode Britt mentioned she may do episodes on earlier episodes on the old chapters of WA during the break. Hopefully she does that, because if she does nothing I don't know what I'm planning to do. I can hopefully keep writng though.
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  5. Osiris's Avatar
    If he's smart he's going to go back to the well for the summer break... go back to the well, Creemy...
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  6. Creem_Filling's Avatar
    By that do you mean do ealier episodes of WND? Because that's what I was thinking of doing. It would just challenge me to write on those, but I could definately go at it.
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  7. Osiris's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Creem_Filling
    By that do you mean do ealier episodes of WND? Because that's what I was thinking of doing. It would just challenge me to write on those, but I could definately go at it.
    No. Not at all. What I mean by going back to the well is going back to that first post and expanding on it. Get philosophical, get messianic... get jiggy with it. Do something unexpected.
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  8. Pikepaw's Avatar
    I think you should write about episode 14, because I enjoyed that one for multiple reasons. "It was a different call...GET IN YOUR HOMES!"
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  9. Creem_Filling's Avatar
    Writing on older episodes would be challenging. I wouldn't really be able to talk about the theories they made very well, since I know whether they are wrong or right already. But doing something like that would definately be a challenge, which would make it fun. I'm sure I could do it though, since, you know, I'm a pro. I'll add 14 to my "Blog About" list, if I think of something I'll totally do it.
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