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They're Not Dead

They're Not Dead - Episode 18

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Disclaimer: I will not be talking about the We’re Alive podcast. I will be talking about the We’re Not Dead podcast. There will be spoilers of We’re Not Dead and consequently, We’re Alive spoilers may be included. Read with caution if you have not listened to either of the podcasts.

Episode 18 of We’re Not Dead. It’s reviewin’ time! I’m watching Sherlock Holmes, so I’m going to do my best to not type in old timey British, but no promises.

It is week two of Greg being gone and, I’m surprised to see myself type this, I am beginning to miss him. I love the serious episode discussion that Britt and guests have been bringing without him, but there has been a certain lack-luster to the episodes. These last two have been extremely informative and the guests have been entertaining. I do miss the many laughable moments in the episodes though. Lately I have begun to notice how good a team Britt and Greg make. They are two halves to a brilliant podcast. Without Greg the show becomes incredibly serious, and very guest dependent. Not to insult Britt, she just can’t do it all herself, nor can anyone. And without Britt, the show would be ramblings of a madman. They need each other.

Since this episode was actually kind of uneventful, there isn’t much I can say about it. Although, the discussion was excellent. I learned new theories and I was once again forced to change my mind on some long running ideas I had, but I’ll speak more of that later.

Ra1th and Nikvoodoo were guests this time. I like this, they express the friendship you can gain with someone on the forums really well. They talk and joke like real friends. I think that is a good thing because anybody who listens to We’re Not Dead and is not a member of the forums, can see how joining can be a good thing, not only because the episode discussion, but because you can gain a whole new group of friends. And this is where I give a shout out to my bro Osiris!

I enjoy it when Nik comes on to discuss his predictions. He is very logical about the things he says, and that makes his predictions all the more knowledgeable. His predictions are very well thought out and he thinks of things that most overs never even consider. He does his job so well that when he got four of his predictions wrong this chapter, he was very surprised and mad about it. It’s good to have him on We’re Not Dead because then he can express the things he would want to say in more detail, and give his feedback on the episodes and his previous predictions.

As for Ra1th. I’ve found the last couple times he has come on rather fun. He speaks more like a fan rather than a professional, but he has the intellect to deserve a spot on We’re Not Dead. I would also like to say that I don’t notice his obsession with the word “like”. He had to point out to me for me to see it and all you haters out there should just get over it. His posse consists of admins, and you would be wise not to mess with those that have God’s power.

Ra1th’s Saul Rant was my favourite part of this episode. This is the part of the episode discussion that changed my mind that I mentioned before. He made some extremely good points on how Saul is being an idiot. I have never been a big fan of Saul, but I find myself not liking him at all now. I completely agree with Ra1th about Saul.

Lastly Britt showed the many voices of Pippin’s death. I found it funny, morbid I know, but I did. I like it when they get “behind the scenes” stuff from We’re Alive. It is a fan podcast after all, and any true fan would find that entertaining. Send more goodies like that to Britt, KC!

A pretty uneventful episode, like I said before. Enjoyable, but uneventful. I look forward to Greg’s return and the next episode.

Good(insert time of day) everybody!

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They're Not Dead


  1. Osiris's Avatar
    Enjoyed that, broseph... although a little terse, a good read nonetheless.
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