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They're Not Dead

They're Not Dead - Episode 17

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Disclaimer: I will not be talking about the We’re Alive podcast. I will be talking about the We’re Not Dead podcast. There will be spoilers of We’re Not Dead and consequently, We’re Alive spoilers may be included. Read with caution if you have not listened to either of the podcasts.

(I know episode 18 came out today, but bear with me as I try to catch up. It will be consistent in the future, I promise)

Hey there good people We’re Alive! You are now witnessing my first review of a We’re Not Dead episode, episode 17 if you did not know. I am in a good mood because I am listening to some tasty techno and just watched X-Men: First Class, so you are in for a nice upbeat treat tonight.

I would like to start off by saying I rather enjoyed this one. Greg wasn’t there, but I would miss an episode for E3 too. We lost our main comedian there, but I enjoyed the break from it. It’s nice to hear a more serious episode every once in a while.

There were three guest this week. And I think that Britt needs to do that more often, because isn’t that what the show is about? Showing We’re Alive from a fan’s point of view and their takes on it? The guest were, if I remember correctly, AdrianHD, Mush_Rooms, and Beezball. I was really impressed by this setup. It wasn’t the celebrities of the forums like Nikvoodoo or Ra1th, which I don’t have a problem with because I understand that they are fans like the rest of us. It just seems incredibly different to have some regular forum members come on, because it seems that admins are completely different class of people. So I think we (or at least I) hold their words to a different level of importance, like they clearly must be better and therefore know better. Anyway, I have talked to Adrian in the chatbox and played Halo with Mush_Rooms, and I find it fascinating to see a more knowledgeable side of them. It really changes how I thought of them (not that it was bad in the first place).

The episode and theory discussion this week was outstanding. For example, since the beginning I was sure that the rat was going to be Kelly. I thought I had it all figured out in my head that she was the only sensible person to have done it, but of course We’re Not Dead shines new light on the matter and flips my whole mind around. I listened to it and literally gasped as my old ideas were ripped apart (and my non-fan friend looked at me confused). Our dear friend Adrian gave his reasoning for thinking the rat is Riley, and I have to say, he converted me. It was good to hear what he had to say in such an open and clear way, rather than be buried amongst the hundreds of posts in the “Who’s the Rat” thread. I applaud you Adrian.

I was disappointed this week by the lack of listener mail. Those questions are always the kind of whacky theoretical questions that you throw at your friends because it is interesting to hear what others have to say. Britt never explained why she didn’t do it, but whatevs. I appreciate Adrian giving a question though. “What celebrity would you bring with you have with you in a z-world?” It’s was the kind of question that I could really get into, because I am a huge movie fanatic. I did find it gross that they were even considering Lady Gaga though. I’ve never heard her music, but I imagine it would be unpleasant. As for the “Which video game character would you take with you?” thread that they were talking about, that was me who made it, and it is always awesome to have your work talked about in such a public way.

I don’t really understand the Gatekeeper contest, but maybe that’s because I don’t hate the Gatekeeper. He was just too minor of a character, Kelly or Kalani have done more to be hated than him. It is a neat idea from ComradeNarf, but I feel that there were so many better ones they could have done. Like the mock-ads contests idea, I thought that sounded awesome. However, I say all this and I am probably still going to work on something to enter. Final side note: I think it is hilarious how Britt can’t say ComradeNarf’s name correctly, think Russia Britt!

This may be one of my favourite episodes in the end. It definately connected with the fans better than any of the others have, since it was just focussing on the fans talking about the episodes. Which, We’re Not Dead can sometimes drift off from doing that. This episode felt shorter than the others, they didn’t really spread their topics and it seemed like a very simple episode. It was informative, funny, and relatable, which is everything a podcasts like this needs though. Fantastic episode and I hope lessons are took from it in how well it turned it out for future episodes, and I am talking about the numerous guests aspect of it.

I hope Greg comes back soon so we can get our sarcastic co-host back, but not too soon so he can fully enjoy E3.

I love you all dearly,

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