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Disclaimer: I will not be talking about the We’re Alive podcast. I will be talking about the We’re Not Dead podcast. There will be spoilers of We’re Not Dead and consequently, We’re Alive spoilers may be included. Read with caution if you have not listened to either of the podcasts.

I have only been a fan of We’re Alive and We’re Not Dead for about a month now, however in that time I have come far. I listen to the latest We’re Alive as soon as they come out, I practically live on the forums, and look forward to We’re Not Dead as much as any of the We’re Alive episodes. That said I think it is time Britt and Greg are critiqued, just as they critique our favourite audio drama. They have had the freedom to say whatever they want and do whatever they want with only silent judgement for too long and they need some nice old fashioned reviewing. My goal is not to insult or change their ways, simply to express what their fans think of the show. However, this time I am going to stick to just the hosts of the show and not any episode in particular. Let’s get started, shall we?

First up, is Britt. She is widely popular, not only because she is a beautiful young lady who plays video games, but because she can hold a knowledgeable and open-minded conversation about We’re Alive.

I have to give her some props on how well she handles the sometimes creepy crushes people have on her here on the forums though. While a lot of women would be rude and tell these people to shove off, Britt keeps to her kindness and lets these people fawn over her silently.

But I digress.

Every week she comes fully prepared with a full recap of the episodes that are so good, sometimes I am presented with facts that I did not even notice while listening to the actual podcast. The goal of We’re Not Dead is to not only give a fans perspective of the We’re Alive, but also provide comedy as most podcasts like this do. And she does both well. While she may not be the one cracking all the jokes and usually just goes along with something already said, she keeps me laughing. Her laughter is contagious. Her occasional joke usually has me looking like a fool as I am laughing out loud in the middle of my Spanish class. And when she is the subject of many of Greg’s numerous jokes, she handles it well and takes no insult, which gives me permission to laugh without guilt.

And as for the informational half of We’re Not Dead, I like how she does not stick to just her opinions and theories and allows the podcast to remain the forum’s voice. She will give her view on some parts, but for the most part will stick to what other fans think. There are many threads of theories on the forum pages, and in these threads there are many more pages of posts. So, most of us do not have the time or the patience to see them all. But Britt always provides theories, made by the fans, which I have not heard. For instance, it never even occurred to me that Riley might be a lesbian, but she brought up the theory on We’re Not Dead and it gave me something to think about and look for in We’re Alive.

All in all, I really do not have anything bad to say about her. I do feel that she could give more of her personal predictions for We’re Alive and not just whether she agrees or disagrees with others. And maybe even fight back against all the crap Greg gives her, start making more jokes at his suspense and not just take it. I know he is kidding, but still…

Now for Greg, I am not as much of a fan of Greg Miller. I am not going to go as far as to say I am not a fan though. I know he is just the co-host, so I do not expect him to meet the same standards as Britt. While she has to prepare and make sure the show goes smoothly, he is just there to throw in his opinion when he feels like it and, as he put it, “make the one liners”. I think he is hilarious and, when he talks about his theories, he is quite clever. But I feel that he focuses too much on making jokes. Sometimes his jokes can come off as crude, which does not bother me, but I have been in the chatbox with people who do not like it.

In the earlier episodes of We’re Not Dead he was much more insightful in the comments about We're Alive, but as the episodes have progressed he has become more of the comedian, rather than a voice of the forums. I will give him credit though that when he does talk about We’re Alive he is very smart. He addresses the major points and provides perceptive comments and theories. But most of the time it is just “stupid blind girl!” But I have listened to other podcasts he has been in, and I accept that it is just his personality to be “the funny guy”.

Given that he and I are two completely different people, it does not surprise me that I find myself disagreeing with him a lot. I am a vegetarian, he loves chicken wings; I am in high school, he is twenty-something. But I do find that his being a gamer and being really funny is enough to keep me interested in what he is saying. My advice for Greg is to keep to the show and get back to the seriousness he had in the beginning. I do not want the comedy to stop, but I want to hear more about what he thinks about We’re Alive in a serious way. I am enough of a fan that I think of him as a celebrity; it was pretty cool to hear him find my name so funny.

I love We’re Not Dead, and I hope the episodes keep coming. I am not trying to change the show’s personality; I am just trying to spread one man’s opinion of it.

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They're Not Dead


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    Glad to see you finally getting into the world there. Nice job, looked forward to the next one (even though I read them out of order, but I had already proofed this copy). Nicely done, waiting patiently for more.
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