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Chapter 22 Predictions (Contains Spoilers)

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Gettin' hot and heavy in We're Alive land as we are just two chapters away from the end of Season Two (and then a painfully, horrible, and desperate wait for Season Three!). But we mustn't think these thoughts yet. You've got to accentuate the positive! Eliminate the negative. Latch on to the affirmative.....or else Scratch will stab you in your spleen! (25 Rep points to the first person who names that tune, the composer AND the lyricist in the comments below)

Chapter 22 Title!

Durai Went to the Colony
I base this off 3 things.
  • The Mallers were scanning 40 radio signals/have a radio the Tower didn't think of. The odds of them picking up Michael's transmission from the Colony are very high.
  • Bricks and Tar talk about Scratch's friends, but that stupid blond Lizzy cut them off before they could expand on the situation.
  • We know Durai went South. The only known place to the south of the Maller's Mall is Saul's house, the beach house, and the Colony. Durai has always been looking for a more secure home. This may be the best option available to him even if it means he gives up leadership of his group.

If nothing else, don't you think it's kinda coincidental that The Colony is down South, and that's the direction Durai headed? Nothing is coincidental! There's always Purpose! I am 95% confident he went to the Colony, but I am only 55% positive we'll know about it this chapter.

Michael Will Send a Search Party to Investigate the Explosion
This comes from Rock Daddy.

I disagree. At the moment, it seems like the Tower's focus is on abandoning ship. Saul and Burt are looking for Helicopters, search parties are (or at least were) out searching for Lizzy, the explosion happened a decent amount of time ago, and there's still been no action taken by Michael. If Michael assumes the same thing that Angel does, I can not imagine what would possess him to send a team back to the zombie nest on the limited supplies they have left (with the information they have at this moment) They barely made it out alive when they had a mini army and were well supplied.

With the information the Tower has at this moment...there's no way Michael authorizes a mission and if he does he does not deserve his career choice as Military Intelligence and someone needs to hit him with a shovel to knock some sense into him. 'Cause quite simply that would be the dumbest thing Michael has done since the series began. If some new information comes to light (ie They discover that's where Lizzy might be) then obviously the percentages change. 2% Chance Michael sends a group to investigate the explosion as it stands now. If they discover Lizzy was with the Mallers up North, then obviously its 100% they'll go looking there.

Bricks/Tardust/Lizzy Survived the Explosion
This one comes from my own wee little mind, and from Blood & Ice Cream.

One has to imagine that at least one of them survived the blast and if one survived I believe they all survived. Tar started to show some layers to his personality other than being a skeevy rapist, and Bricks is just a big cuddly beast who rips things apart limb from limb. They are becoming more human now that we've spent more time with them and I think they both have something else to contribute to our story. Now, they might be banged up and cut to some extent, but I'm positive they are all alive. At the very least, they were in the cab of the vehicle they were driving which should protect them (partially) against the concussive blast from the tanker bombs which would be the larger concern vs. fire and shrapnel. I realize it's a gamble to assume we'll go back to Lizzy/The Mallers at all this chapter but....Guarantee of the chapter: 100% all three survived the explosion.

Bricks/Tardust/Lizzy Will Try to Return to the Tower
You know...I said I was going to include this on WND on Friday, but the more I think about it, the more it actually requires Scratch to abandon Lizzy/Bricks/Tar after the attack on the Arena. The more I think about it, the more Britt was correct and Scratch wouldn't let Lizzy get away so easily. This, my friends, is the problem with trying to predict on short notice! You make stupid decisions.

Besides, I believe there's a lot of legs to Saul's threat that he won't leave L.A. if Lizzy is still out there. So this would actually be a two part prediction that would involve Scratch leaving those three, and then Tardust actually gives into one of Lizzy's ideas. And I'm thinking neither of these things will happen anymore. And I still really like the idea that Pegs is going to be demanded in a trade for Lizzy. If she escapes and goes back to the Tower there can be no trade! 10% that Bricks/Tardust/Lizzy try to return to the Tower.

Burt And Saul Will Travel To Van Nuys Airport
With the one and only helicopter at LAX all shot to shit, it's looking like Burt and Saul are going to have no choice but to head due north to Van Nuys, which is located in an area contained within our map of We're Alive. For those who don't know, find the Maller's Mall, and travel North on the 405 through the mountains (passed Topanga State Park....) until it meets with the 101 around Sherman Oaks. Just north of that is where Van Nuys is located.

The helicopters are needed. If that's the only place they can find them, they're gonna have to go there. Though here's a little issue that hasn't been covered in the story yet: Why send Burt and Saul to find choppers when they aren't able to fly them back to the Tower.....damn military intelligence, you simply don't work sometimes. 70% Burt and Saul head north towards Van Nuys now that they have no helicopter options left at LAX.

Pippin Has Knowledge of the Outbreak
This is a prediction from HaveCrowBarWillTravel.

It is his belief that Pippin contains some working knowledge of the Outbreak because he worked at Raydon labs (or for generic purposes just A lab). The reason he's in town is because he was on a working holiday. This is one of the best explanations I've heard for the "Pippin isn't a Maller spy" and the more I think about it, the more I think it's way too easy to consider Pippin as a mole/spy. As I said on WND, when was the last time Kc made something so easy for us? "I'm going to drop of Pippin now" and lo, here he comes all beat to hell....It just screams red herring to me, but it's so hard to tell right now. But back to the prediction at hand: While I like the ingenuity of the prediction I don't think Pippin is a scientist with knowledge of the outbreak. And with the knowledge of the chapter title, I'm having a harder time not thinking of giant conspiracy.....Damn you, Kc! Now I wish I never asked for the chapter title!! I'm going low and saying 15% Pippin reveals some knowledge of the Outbreak.

The Rat Shall be Revealed
Ok, I know some of you probably won't click on the chapter title because you want to be surprised. Just know I'm basing this prediction off of it. For those that did click it, I'm going to rehash a few things I said in there. Bear with me.

We are getting close to the end of the season. Michael did just remind us the Bill was the traitor to the Tower (in the Tower's opinion that is). In stand up comedy, that's referred to as a call back: A throw back to a joke you used earlier in order to get an additional response from an audience. If this doesn't make any sense, Netflix Eddie Izzard. He does it a lot and to perfection. The other thing about call back jokes, when they start appearing it also means its nearing the end of the comedians act. I might be over thinking it (gee really? Not like I just used stand up comedy structure to justify my prediction or anything...), but this "call back" could be the start of the revelation of the Rat.

Now if you want a better reason why the rat is revealed soon: The Tower is actively searching for a way to leave LA for good. If there truly is a rat that is aligned with the Mallers, they sure as hell aren't going to want to go a helicopter ride away from their support. If you believe either main theory as to why someone ratted out the Tower, they are loyal to the Mallers, or the Mallers leveraged them into service. Either way results in the Rat not wanting to leave LA LA land with the Tower. And I'm so excited about the idea right now, that I'm going to say its 75% the Rat is revealed this chapter. I am prepared to get burned on this one....hardcore!


So that's it! Leave your comments below and watch your backs....There's a rat on the loose! See you again June 10th with the recap of these predictions (and also on the WND podcast!), and June 13th for the next installment of the Voodoo Lounge.

Let me know what you think in the comments below! Also, don't forget to join the Voodoo Lounge Group to see the Running Tally for this chapter, as well as send your predictions for the next chapter. The Chapter 22 Poll is now open and you can vote for your predictions here. You can always email me at, or get me on my new twitter account @Nikvoodoo.
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  1. j0be's Avatar
    Still reading the rest, but the song was "Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive" and was written by Harold Arlen and the lyrics were by Johnny Mercer. The only version I had heard was Bing Crosby's, but I just found out it was recorded by several different groups.
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  2. Leedo2502's Avatar
    Nik the only reason I see Tardust surviving the blast is so Saul can kill him. I think this is going to be a turning point for Lizzy and Saul. Maybe she gets upset that Saul would up and kill him, or maybe she wants Saul to kill him and he backs down only to have Michael kick him from The Tower. Either way Tardust isn't long for this Earth.
    And for the whole Saul and Burt reconing the airports, you wouldn't want to take Kalani on a search mission for the aircraft. Have Saul and Burt pick a few and mark them (maybe secure them somehow) then take Kalani out to fly it to the Tower. Kalani is now a mission essential asset that should be guarded, plus he needs to prep the landing zone at the Tower.
    My take on the search of the Arena is that Michael is going to divert Burt and Saul to check out the Arena.

    Awesome job Nik I can't wait for the next chapter to start up!
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  3. nikvoodoo's Avatar
    25 Points to j0be.

    Leedo- Right. Tardust doesn't need to be alive much longer, but he's alive now in my opinion. All I care about at this particular moment is that he survived the explosion. After that, I don't care if he gets trampled by a rampaging elephant escaped from a zoo, who defecates on his still warm corpse.

    And if you don't take Kalani, you're adding another step to your process. Now you have to get up to a remote location, travel back to the Tower, travel back to the remote location with the pilot(s) (thus wasting more resources) to fly back to the Tower. I feel like prepping a landing area would be considerably easier than having to escort Kalani all the way out to Van Nuys. I do, however, understand protecting Kalani as a valuable asset. But we shall soon see
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  4. Lex Artiga's Avatar

    Hey, Nik good predictions, but I just have something to say...
    What if there is more than just one mole/rat?
    I've had this thought in my head and I base it off what Scratch said at the furniture store when Tardust asks her something like "what about the other one?"
    Also Scratch responds with "We've still got her"
    So I was thinking what if Bill was one of the moles that is why he said "I'm sorry." as he laid dieing during The War.
    And in addition to Bill they also have another mole, this one being a chick mole.
    Another reason why they would have two moles is to maybe have one mole keep an eye on the other one or if one of them dies or died they would still have a remaining mole to keep checks and give info to the Mallers about the tower.
    I might be wrong, but another little thing that convinced me that there could be two moles is the title of Chapter 22
    Again as I said before, I could be wrong, but it says here traitors in plural form meaning two or more.
    Anyways that is just a theory i've had nagging me for a while.
    Debunk it or agree with it.
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    Updated May 16th, 2011 at 06:10 PM by nikvoodoo (added spoiler tag for extra safety)
  5. Th3_T3ch's Avatar
    @Lex- The plural traitors could be the one unknown mole and Pippin. Also Pippin could be lying to the tower, or using someone elses story as I believe Kalani is. Sorry Nik I couldn't help myself, and yes I still believe in my theory until Kalani flies that helicopter.
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  6. Creem_Filling's Avatar
    I know I stand alone in this, but I trust Pippin. He may be hiding someting about his story, like he only escaped because his friends were being murdered and now he's ashamed, I don't know. Imagine you just went through hell and now your out and everyone is accusing you of malicious intent. As logical is it may be to question him, it's also completely logical for to be getting pissed. I'm planting my flag in Pippin's innocence. Recall if you will that Snape (from Harry Potter) was supposed to be evil the whole time, and look what happened with him!
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  7. nikvoodoo's Avatar
    *twitches* I'm not rehashing the fight about Kalani with you here, Njhellfire

    @Lex: I've already said elsewhere on the forum that the possibility of two fact, I might have been the first person to pose the idea. If I'm stepping on someone's toes, my apologies. Bill, at most, stole some stuff. He didn't want anyone in his Tower in the first place and the only reason he "invited" the Mallers up during the party is because he was drunk. I'm not even positive Bill is the thief to be honest. Datu wasn't the only one moving the generator to the 14th floor thus leaving the elevator up there meaning he wouldn't be the only one who knew it was up there. And if someone needed a scapegoat, Bill is the perfect patsy. And man, it's awfully convenient that he died so he couldn't defend himself, isn't it?

    Is it possible that there's more than one rat? Yeah, of course there is. But what you're suggesting requires so much coordination by a bunch of people who have proven they can't solidly execute a plan (see: The War, the assault on the Arena). I really feel like the person who betrayed the Tower wasn't sent in by the Mallers. They were with the Tower, but became disillusioned with something and felt the Mallers were a solid option. This is further evident if you take your Scratch quotes and realize that this person might feel guilty about what they've done so they aren't in contact with the Mallers anymore. Besides, who's to say those two quotes you referenced are even about the Tower? Scratch has some new friends, remember? Maybe they were in reference to those new friends (which as I presume is the Colony).


    So I certainly don't agree, and I feel like I've soundly debunked.
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    Updated May 16th, 2011 at 08:24 PM by nikvoodoo
  8. Creem_Filling's Avatar
    @Nik. Kinda like Kelly. She may have been for the mallers, but when her stupidity killed Tommy she was all sad and regretful. Why? Because she's a lying traitorous liar!
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  9. Lex Artiga's Avatar
    I'm sorry if you were the first one to have the idea of two maller moles in the tower and were the first one to post the theory on the forums and then I come along and post it here.As you might have seen I am a "New Comer" and This is the second blog I've read and posted in so again A MILLION EXCUSES IF YOU FEEL OFFENDED THAT I EVEN MENTIONED THAT THERE COULD BE TWO MOLES WHEN YOU POSTED IT SOMEWHERE ELSE FIRST

    You, Nik, have given me something to think about.
    You could be right and there could be no way there could be two moles becouse the mallers might be too dumb to even think to coordinate something like that.
    But then again what about Tardust or Durai? At least they seem to be at least a bit smart.
    And you say that they didn't execute a plan successfully at the War?
    But they planned it perfectly, men looking at the rear, men aiming at the tower, ladders to get up (and even a firetruck for PETE'S sake).I personally think that the mallers could have overun the tower residents in a couple of hours, but the tower folk were just lucky enough to have two extra sweat bottles to use to aid them.
    Until the past few episodes we have been given some insight of the mallers , and with that insight I have been able to see that some , maybe not all, but some can be smart enough to coordinate a large scale operation and plan ahead. For example, Tardust was the genius who thought to go and destroy the Arena with the tankers and scouts were sent to make sure that the road was clear. (coordination), he even gave them an extra tanker in case they broke down along the way. (planning ahead).
    With the little information we have on the mallers, since most of the story so far has been told on the towers prespective, I think it would be foolish to say that the mallers aren't smart enough to mastermind a plan, after all some very successful murderers and big time thiefs in real life have been intelligent and masterminded a murder or robbery and have never been caught, what if maybe one of the mallers could have had been one of these people. If you ,Nik, can 100% tell me that none of the mallers are smart or have no imagination to think of something like planting two moles or planting one mole and convincing some other resident tower to join them, then I will agree that you have soundly debunked yours/sorta mine theory of two moles in the tower.
    One last thing is that Kc sometimes has double meanings to his Chapter Titles.
    Whose to say that one of the meanings he is using is the Grammar thingy you mentioned, but the double meaning he could be using is that there are actually two Traitors!!
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    Updated May 17th, 2011 at 07:59 PM by Lex Artiga
  10. nikvoodoo's Avatar
    You know, when you type in caps, I feel as though you are yelling at me. And I don't like being yelled at. It makes me angry. And you wouldn't like me when I'm angry!!!!!!

    Ok so stupid Hulk jokes aside: All I meant to point out when I said I think I was the first to bring up the two traitor theory is simply I can see how it could shake out that way. I'm not even staking claim in it, I'm just saying I could see how it could happen...but the how it could happen requires soooo much that (in my opinion) it's holding on by a mere thread. However, there's not nearly enough information to right now for anyone to settle the rat vs. rats debate.

    You misunderstand me. I agree the Mallers are spectacular planners. They prepared themselves well for chapter 12, and for this assault on the Arena. My point was: They cannot execute their plans effectively and they've proven it twice now. They attempted to overtake a secured and elevated position when they attacked the Tower. Luck or not in regards to the sweat bottles: The Mallers did not execute their plan A (sneak in silently, they tripped the alarm), B (come in through the windows via ladders and firetruck), C (enter through holes created by the pipe bombs), so they finally resorted to D (Burn the place down....and they didn't even do that right). Doesn't matter if they could have done, they didn't do.

    They had a plan for attacking the Arena. Plan A got screwed up by The Man in the Pinstriped Suit. There was no plan B. Plan B was plan A Lite because they didn't consider what would happen if they were attack en route to the arena. So since they attacked the Arena with Plan A Lite: The once again failed to execute a plan effectively.

    I have never said the Mallers are stupid. I agree it is shortsighted to say they can't plan anything. They are a real and very dangerous threat to anyone that they encounter, and I feel sorry for anyone they encounter that would think less of them and think they are bumbling idiots because they are escaped convicts. I think Durai is one of the smartest characters in the entire production, I just think that he's working with people who aren't capable of executing the mission the way it needs to be done. And when things happen in the field that change the equation, they are not capable of countering effectively.

    Now as for your two mole theory and the intelligence: I present to you Occam's Razor.

    Remember, the Tower didn't take in anyone else new after Chapter 3 (except Kalani who wouldn't really work into your scenario of two moles as you're presenting it I don't think. I might be assuming and you can correct me at your leisure). You're saying the Mallers investigated and discovered the Tower within three to five days of gaining freedom from prison, saw it was a safe place to stay, but decided instead of moving into the Tower en masse and maybe taking over from the inside, they stayed in their shitty mall set up (that is deficient in so many ways), and sent in two moles before Pegs dropped the flower pot and caused a zombie attack which closed off their front door to refugees and no one else came in.

    Possible? Yup. Probable? Gets a little more iffy. Again, we're talking on our own opinions and odds are we won't change each others. I still feel like the easier way there's a rat in the Tower is someone turned their allegiance. Hence Occam's Razor.

    I'm again going back to something I said on WND on Friday: The Mallers just escaped from Federal Prison. Some of them could very well have been in there for more than 25 years. They were probably acting reckless (like looting all sorts of stores and playing with material things) before the actual gravity of what their new reality was sunk in. That's why it's become their main goal to find a new place to live. Consequently, that's probably why they attacked the Arena. "HEY! I know a great place to live! There's a hockey rink up North and we live in California and no one even knows what hockey even is! They'll never think to live there!" *later that same day* "OK....who would have figured that a shit ton of zombies were hockey fans in real life??"

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  11. Lex Artiga's Avatar
    When I put something in capps its not because I am screaming or yelling at you it is because I want you to pay special attention to it and so you, Nik, don't kick me out of the forums (which you have already clarified you won't. At least not yet). So when i say this: I AM SORRY IF YOU FELT LIKE I WAS YELLING AT YOU AND I HOPE YOU ARE NOT OFFENDED : I am merely wanting you to accept my apology, although you don't have to.

    You misunderstood me a bit as well, when I was suggesting the idea of two moles I was thinking of two possible ways that this could have happened.
    -1) The mallers could have planted two moles into the tower before Pegs dropped the pot and all the crazy things ensued. After all about 25 people did go to the tower to seek refuge and we have only heard the story of two of those twenty-five people. So you and, neither do I, have enough information to say that this theory is improbable or probable, we can only wait until Kc decides to reveal us who is the rat or who are the rats. I now ,after re-listening to some of the Chapters, accept how dumb this theory might sound although it is possible that it could have happened. As you said they could have only done this in a short amount of time and could be proven to be a weak decision.
    But it could also be proven to be a greatly strategic decision. What if the mallers, maybe not all of them, maybe just a group like a group of scouts saw that a few survivors were heading to this tower that looked really safe and even had a sign inviting them in that said "WE'RE ALIVE". So they decide that there mall seemed safer than this tower, but still decide to send two people in with the other survivors and have these two people send information to the mallers. And if anything goes wrong at there mall all the mallers have to do is go and fight for the tower.
    -2) Then I thought of another way they could have had done this.
    What if the mallers only sent one person in and then they have this person find one of the more gullible inhabitants of the tower and convince them that it doesn't matter if the tower falls that there is still a safe place they could go to and that all the person being convinced has to do to have a safe haven they can go is relay the information to the mallers.
    This is a simpler more easier and realistic way that there could be or could have been two moles although one of them doesn't necessarily have to be a maller. And convincing the person being convinced would not have necessarily been that hard since all of what has happened (all the "things" eating everyone and the possible deaths of loved ones) can easily make a person agree to the idea of sending information to another place in order to be safe.

    Kc is a spectacular writer and has his ways of slipping pieces of information under our noses. For this reason I will re-listen to all the episodes and chapters and try to find something and use it to back-up my theory. After all you never know whats really gonna happen until it happens because even if you think you know what might happen there are still many ways that something is gonna cause that happening to happen a different way.
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  12. nikvoodoo's Avatar
    I was just joshin' with you about the caps thing. I figured it was to draw attention and nothing more about it. Hence me making the the Incredible Hulk reference.

    It's not that the theories are dumb. No theories are dumb....some just aren't thought out all that well, and obviously you've thought through yours and they can indeed make sense. I still just think the mallers sending in one of their own is not very plausible in any manner. For me, its just such a hard pill to swallow which I will should the two rat (with a maller plant) theory come to light.
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  13. Jeebogs's Avatar
    This whole post may be a spoiler so...

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  14. nikvoodoo's Avatar
    @Jeebogs- I believe your assessment of the chapter title could very well be true. Hence why I said I was prepared to be burned on my Rat Reveal prediction. I just feel like we're leading to it, and while this may not be the end of the storyline I feel like it's definitely the beginning of it.....or the...middle of it....or.....somethin'....

    Thank you for using the spoiler tags!
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  15. nikvoodoo's Avatar
    PS- so far in every prediction blog Kc has posted some cryptic comment, and I've done pretty well....except chapter 19.

    His silence is deafening me right now....I might have missed the mark on all these bad boys this time!
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  16. Kc's Avatar
    I can post more cryptic comments, and here goes.
    No where in the series do we get a perspective from an omnipresent source. Someone who is outside the character's eyes and minds, with one exception: The titles.
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  17. yarri's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kc
    I can post more cryptic comments, and here goes.
    No where in the series do we get a perspective from an omnipresent source. Someone who is outside the character's eyes and minds, with one exception: The titles.
    I think I have... Dang it Kc I lost my train of thought. Its gone POOF I can't read that comment and be able to think. My mind goes blank. Drat. Now I know I am right.......Jedi Mind powers.. YOU have Jedi mind powers! "This is not the theory your looking for."
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