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Zombie Battlegrounds - Big Bear Mountain

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Sorry about the delay, been a busy guy!

Anyway, new scenario incoming!

The Story:
You're taking some alone time to get some peace, relaxation, and hunting done (sorry vegetarians). As you frolic around the mountain called Big Bear, you hear that all too familiar moan. You turn and see a small group of zombies staggering your way. Well, not really staggering, running. This time, you're armed and dangerous though. You have a Model 552 Speedmaster Rifle and a Model 96A1 Baretta (because hey... you just like guns). You are deep into the mountain, and your car is about 5 miles away (about 8 kilometers). You live no where near the accompanying cities or in the state for that matter and in fact you were there on a vacation for the week. Assume that there is complete pandemonium in the city and that if you do choose to move there, be warned of chaos. Also note there may be nearby cabins with accompanying hunters... is it worth looking for? Or is it better to make a mad dash towards civilization?

The Details:
Zombies: Very quick. No special types. Just very quick and nimble.
Turn rate: Once bitten, people take anywhere from a day to a week to turn.
Weapons: As stated: Model 552 Speedmaster Rifle (w/ 100 rounds) & Model 96A1 Baretta (w/ 50 rounds)
Time of day: 10 AM - 12 PM
Group: All alone.
Rescue: Not known because of the chaos. You may be in it for the long haul!

The Map: (Sorry for the lack of definition. Google doesn't do mountains well. Satellite or terrain is better anyway.)

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  1. TCM Revolver's Avatar
    Tough one. Where there are mountains, there are caves. It would be pretty easy to hole up in a cave for a while. The nice thing about big bear, there is snow..Drinking water, and animals...Fresh food. Once the coast is clear, You can start your trek over the mountian to the town of granite falls. That town only has 6k people. Low # of turned, but there has to be some survivors. Then the real journey begins
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    Updated Apr 28th, 2011 at 08:38 PM by TCM Revolver
  2. Guts Malone's Avatar
    Mountains are good and could work to your advantage, but, also very dangerous. The weather changes very quickly and you would have to work out a few escape routes to get down.
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  3. AdrianHD's Avatar
    I probably should've mentioned something about water/food... or maybe I didn't on purpose =P
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  4. Pikepaw's Avatar
    I would run uphill, try to get some of the zombies to fall off of cliffs. Hide in caves and such. With only 150 rounds, I would try to use big rocks when I could. I would take to hunting wild game and zigzagging through the mountains. Screw civilization, the most I would try is if I found a cabin so I could stay warm. Lower numbers of infected in the area might mean I can clear them out locally
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  5. Lex Artiga's Avatar
    First I would shoot the zombies traveling to me. I would find somewhere warm to hole up in, with at least two entrances\exits (no caves though as you might get trapped or your weapon jammed and the zombies would have a fresh juicy corpse to feed on). Then i would go and sharpen a couple of stick or tie a large rock to a strong sturdy stick to use as an alternative weapon; cause I don't really trust guns. They take time to reload and could jam if some dirt or sand get in it. I would stay as far away from civilization as possible.
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    Updated May 12th, 2011 at 09:03 PM by Lex Artiga