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Ra1th's We're A-Live Adventure

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Ok so I guess I should start a few days before the show. I'm all set, I'm gonna drive up to LA see the show, hang out, drive back. Problem is I start having car trouble right around then. And I don't wanna be stuck in LA at midnight with a car that wont start, so I look up other ways to get back and I manage to get a couple of friends to give me rides, and I end up not having to take the train there and back, which was great. yayy me.

So anyway I get there at like 8 15, cause there was insane traffic on the 101. And that meltdown comic store? It's really big, from Google street view, it looks like a dinky little shop. Noooooo, that place goes in deep, and they have this gallery section in the back with a stage, and its closed off, so I go in, give the guy at the entrance my ticket, and I walk into the backroom right as Greg announces the show is beginning. I was expecting about 40, maybe 50 people. No, there was like 200 people there, it was packed! I was standing the whole time, and at first I couldn’t see a damn thing, but I managed to get to a spot where I could see all the actors, which was great, but I was too far back that I could take any good pictures of them. Wish I’d gotten there a little earlier.

So the show is awesome, and during the slower moments, I kept an eye on chat, but the improv was insane especially from Shane (Angel) and Nate (Saul). And then the show ended, I go to the bathroom and come back, and I my phone vibrates, and I look, and Goodie, had sent me a messages on facebook telling me to get on camera. So I go on chat, and there is like 10 pages worth chat messages screaming at me to get in front of the camera, (and not just maybe he’ll see this and he’ll get in front of the camera, no, it’s like J0be hack into his wireless provider, and find all his info so we can get his phone number and call him up and all sorts of crazy stuff ( there was like 5 pages of people screaming at me, it was awesome to read hahaha) and I’m like ok, but part of the problem in that is, the camera and the chairs are set up so that there is this alleyway between the camera and the chairs, so people are going through these all the time, so even when I did take a second and stop in front of the camera, I’d have to move in like 3 seconds cause someone would need to go through… Also it looks really weird having some dude just staring at the camera and waving… so yeah.

Ok so after that, I hung out with some pretty cool people. I MET GREG MILLER! AND HE KNEW WHO I WAS! OHMYGOD! GREATEST MOMENT EVER? NO BECAUSE THAT MOMENT IS COMING LATER IN THE NIGHT! (but still, a really awesome moment!) I hung out with some people and we were talking about podcasts, there were a few IGNers and that was pretty cool. I’d gone there alone, because none of my friends can get around the idea of a non visual audio drama, so I’d been worried about what would happen , would I be in a corner all alone? That kinda stuff. But I ran into a few really chill people, and another guy who was alone, William. (he’s on the forum somewhere)

So, then they called us all back in after the break, and we started the Q&A segment. I was gonna ask if Datu’s and Riley’s accents were real, but someone beat me to it. And the answer is Datu’s accent is fake, he’s from New Jersey, Riley’s accent is real. Somewhere during all this, there was a problem with Meltdown comic’s router, and their internet cut out, and the feed was lost. At which point I received another 5 pages of angry messages yelling at me to yell at them that the feed was lost. They knew, and they tried to fix it, but it never stayed up for long. Then came the distribution deal announcement, and I posted that up, but that just lead to another few pages of what is the meaning of this??!?!?

So then came the questions from the internetz. And there were lots of those, but someone, I don’t know who, asked that they give me a shout out. And they did! They brought me up on stage, announced me as Ra1th, Angel’s greatest fan, I shook hands with Kc, and then Shane, and then shane gave me a hug, and it was the greatest moment evar! Hahaha it was really awesome, I don’t know who asked that question, but THANK YOU SO MUCH IT WAS SO GREAT!!! Cause after that, I had a number of people I was talking to be like, “hey you’re that guy who likes Angel right? yeah I’ve read your stuff, right on man.” It was so awesome!

And then, I went and bought some we’re alive swag, one of those badass new posters, and the season 1 box set, and then came the meet n’ greet/ signing part of it all. I met all the actors actresses, or most of them anyway. Anyway there were some who left more an impression on me than others. Starting with Blaire , who plays lizzy, she’s actually been on the forums and talked to us, and it was awesome meeting her in person. (Especially cause she knew who I was!) She’s REALLY tall in person. And then I met the man himself Kc, and we talked for a bit, about the show, and the forums and that was really cool, like finally meeting him in real life. Another person who left a real impression was Kevin Flood, the actor who played Kalani. I think Kalani is one of my favorite characters now, JUST because the actor is so cool. When I was talking to Kc he came over and talked to me about how much pressure the admin/mod team, running the forums take off of Kc, and the crew. It was unreal, and he’s really awesome to talk to. And then comes Jenna McCombie, who plays Scratch. Holy shit. She can pull off this insanely scary version of herself, but she’s actually super nice in real life, she was a blast to talk to, it was awesome. She seemed really really happy at people’s compliments of how scary scratch is. I talked with Jane as well. Oh and Elisa the actress who plays Pegs, she’s not that short. She’s like 5’ 2’’ maybe 5’3’’, She just seems short because EVERYONE ELSE on the we’re alive cast is a GIANT! Seriously almost everyone is 6 foot and above its nuts. I talked with Otto Sturcke, who plays Victor, and he was really awesome, he said he’d seen my stuff on the forum, and that was just mind blowing. And Otto happens to be the guy who did the artwork for the “in the flesh poster” the one with the zombie popping out of the paper. (Fun Fact: it’s based on a cast member, can you guess who?) Otto was really awesome to talk to. So that was the majority of the people I spoke with, or the people I had actual conversations with anyway.

… And then I realized I didn’t get a signature from Burt… Noooooo and the line was so long… So I cut straight to him and luckily no one noticed. And so while burt was signing my stuff I got another chance to talk to Kc, and I told him if he ever needed another zombie intern, Id be there in a flash, and he said he’d consider it, so fingers crossed

After the whole signing debacle we were slowly being kicked out of the comic store because they were closing, and we were slowly transitioning to the bar, and I got to talk with Kevin Flood again, and he was telling us how he was from New York originally, and how LA is so different, and so spread out, and that rocked.

And then came the afterparty. Hung out with Kc, Grayson, Otto (victor), and Britt, (oh and expect me on WND soon! ) Those guys are really awesome. Hung out with Greg and what was really cool about that, was, talking to Greg, felt like talking to someone I already knew. He’s exactly like he is on Gamescoop, it was wild.

Anyway, around 12, my ride wouldn’t wait any longer for me, so I had to bail. Wish I coulda stayed for like an hour or two longer, but still it was absolutely amazing, Awesome night, you guys better come to the next one!

oh and pictures!

Here's a link to my album of pics that I uploaded
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  1. WC818's Avatar
    It was great to meet you Ra1th (never really got your real name). My first impression of you was "man this kid came alone just like me, I should talk to him and get to know him so we both won't be loners." LOL. But then, I find out you're a administrator so I'm like holy crap this guys is a big deal and I'm hanging out with him. But enough of that, how about that live event? Last night was so much fun, way more than I really though it was going to be. Again I came in alone like you said and I thought I was going to hear the actors do chapter 1 and just leave. But luckily the community that surrounds this podcast (and the myIGN community as well) are just so friendly. At the after party, when we were sitting with Greg, Britt, and KC, didn't you feel that we've known them for our whole lives. Talking to them was so natural and easy. Anyways, again it was great to meet you and you'll definitely see more of me around the forum. PS: Tell the people the truth that if it wasn't for me you wouldn't have Burt's autograph lol.
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  2. TCM Revolver's Avatar
    I find out you're a administrator so I'm like holy crap this guys is a big deal and I'm hanging out with him
    Now he's going to get a big head.

    Looks like we missed a great time. Maybe during the national tour
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  3. COsurvivor's Avatar
    nice photos, wish there was a Cast and Production group photo, not that would be a nice collectors item.
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  4. itsallgoodie's Avatar
    yes if i could have gone i totally would. glad i got a semi mention :P for the record i did see you wave, although somehow like half the people missed it. glad you had fun. hope to share an experience like this at some point.
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  5. WC818's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by They call me Revolver
    Now he's going to get a big head.

    Looks like we missed a great time. Maybe during the national tour
    Yeah he'll probably get his head filled with ego now LOL. No he's a cool kid, he is not full of himself.
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  6. Ra1th's Avatar
    hahah credit must be given where credit is due, Will half dragged me to go see burt, and now i have a signature from him saying "shirley you know i have your back" it rocks, thank you will
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  7. Ra1th's Avatar
    Itsallgoodie, sent me a message on facebook

    Nikvoodoo sent me an email

    and J0be sent me a facebook message

    all to yelling at me to get on camera, but my phone vibrated for goodie's post, so thanks for all that too
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  8. Ra1th's Avatar
    But what I'm most thankful for though is whoever got me up on stage, you guys havent seen it yet, cause the Q&A footage isnt up yet, but it was really amazing!
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  9. GameOverGreggy's Avatar

    It was great meeting you, man. Thanks for supporting this show with me!

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  10. Ra1th's Avatar
    Oh man, it was absolutely amazing to meet you!

    And thank YOU for supporting the show, you've introduced so many people to the show and to the forum, including myself.
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  11. Britt's Avatar
    Nice meeting you!!!
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  12. Ra1th's Avatar
    It was really nice meeting you too Britt!!!
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  13. Zombiehead's Avatar
    You win the chatbox award for receiving the most idle threats in a single night! Sounds like you had a blast! Grats on the shout out! P.S. (I'm jealous you got to meet Pegs.)
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  14. Ra1th's Avatar
    Thanks ZH! Yeah going back and reading through the archives of that night was... interesting to say the least hahaha

    And Pegs is very pretty in real life!
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  15. AdrianHD's Avatar
    "We're A-Live" was the name I thought should be had for this event to begin with. Sounds like you had a fun time! Thanks for sharing! =D
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