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The SIN of abridged books. A Rant!

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Its been a while since I had blogged something, the RPG game is keeping me busy.. Tonight I woke up unable to sleep I thought "Hey, I have a credit on my book club. I can get a new MP3 book. listen to it and try and go back to sleep." Wrong utterly wrong. I found that I, Jedi one of my favorite books by the author Michael Stackpole was abridged!!! Abridgment of the written word is a plague on the world. How can anyone gain any enjoyment in an abridged book? Its a direct violation of the original artistic concept of the author and its just plain rude.

This attack on the written word isn't random. Its everywhere.. I went to a book store a month ago and was told that the new copies of The Little House on the Prairie series I'd ordered would be abridged.. The woman behind the counter said.. " It will make it so much easier for the children to read." I am normally a peaceful person. I wanted to smack her. I don't want books that are easier to read I want books to be complete in their context as the author intended. I want my self and my children challenged by a book. Books are the gateway to learning, to a higher intelligence. Books open the mind to new possibilities and stimulate the intellect as well as the imagination. We have so many things to "make life easy" From cars that remote start to the Kindle.. (don't get me started on that) Have we humans become so lazy that even reading a few extra pages or listening a few hours longer has become too hard? Really?
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