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  1. scbubba,

    where are you, man? AWOL?
  2. Congrats on level 100! And enjoy your trip to Spain.
  3. PDP-11!?!?!? Holy crap that's some old tech.... But, like the comments to the article point out, if it works, it works....
    Thanks for the article, my friend!
  4. Slowly but surely, my friend.....
  5. Congrats, scbubba, you reached level 80. Only 20 more to go.
  6. That's an awesome article. Not sure how I never heard that before. I've hired more than a hundred software developers in my career and interviewed well over a thousand in the time. I absolutely hate language/API exams as a way to gauge a candidate's abilities and fit. But then again, I haven't hired at the rate google does....
  7. Hi scbubba,

    this will probably make you smile: It is an old article but worth reading.
  8. Thank you, my friend. You blazed a trail and I just followed...
  9. Wow, scbubba! 400 Posts done. Congratulations!
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