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  1. Alright. Sounds good. I'll talk to him and we'll see what we can do.
  2. I agree. Coodinate with Rev and give me a time and date and I will do the promo stuff with it.
  3. So we should get an AMA going when you have a few hours to spare. I'm willing to help any way possible. Just let me know what you need.
  4. Hey man, happy birthday! Looking forward to the end of the season!
  5. Awesome! Thanks!
  6. Im going to edit this tonight and send it to you later this evening, sound good?
  7. awe thats too bad it would have been more rewarding if you had actually fixed it. thats too bad. but im glad its working. hopefully 20 part 3 goes up with no problems.
  8. I didn't do much of anything. I moved WND to another server though... I didn't move WA, but it's working now. Maybe all my complaints and question submitting to iTunes finally paid off.
  9. Kc, I see its working finally, great job! What was wrong with iTunes and what did you have to do?
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