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  1. I agree with you on the self hosting thing but ATM I'm having some financial woes. Libsyn looks like a decent bet my budget though Thank you again! and sorry for the twenty questions... You're the only 'expert' on the subject who'll even reply to a question!
  2. Depends on the traffic, but I prefer self-hosting and then routing the RSS through feedburner. But in general libsyn is one of the best.
  3. one more question; any suggestions on places to host a podcast?
  4. Pro Tools
  5. Hey, i have just one question; what program do you use to edit the episodes?
  6. really? that's impressive. I wish i could manage that. lol alright, i'll have to pursue another successful writer than.
  7. I actually don't listen to music while writing. I focus only on writing when doing it.
  8. I feel the need to bother you for 3.7 seconds and ask you if you listen to music while writing and if you do if you could suggest a few, as i've hit a rut for the music i'm listening to a the stuff i've been writing.
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