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  1. Why did they have to kill the hot nurse... undead nurses get no love.

    Everything was more or less predictable. When whatsherface said the barrier was at it's thinnest I figured everyone that's ever died in this series would show their face again which took away from the whole "finale" feel. I wasn't expecting Russell to be back so soon though. I guess Alcide really is the new Quinn eh... I actually liked the last 20 minutes they spent tying up all the loose-ends. It's so nice having Mean Eric back! The best part of the whole show was when they took out the ex-AVL chick together. She was talking all crazy and I'm thinking "lady, you have NO one backing you anymore" lol. I'm not fond of Pam weeping in a corner though, but I like that turned the ditzy blonde into a friend she doesn't even know she has. I just hope they don't have Pam be stupid next season... Now to wait for Walking Dead.
  2. Wait! I haven't watched it yet! I missed the first two showings. Going for the 9 o'clock! Starting now!
  3. I hated every second of it with the exception of the last 60 seconds
  4. Again with the faeries nonsense! What the bleep is he doing now? What about the great vampire convention and the hotel bomb! That was one of my favorite books!
  5. Alan ball is a Evil...
  6. I am really enjoying your blogs
  7. You bet! I'm working on my 20.3 review now. I gotta edit my old ones a bit before I post the new entry!
  8. Are you still going to be posting your blogs on the episodes. I really enjoy them.
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