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  1. Yay :-) I listened to it last night! Btw, I can confirm that Crysis (the original) was and still is awesome on PC, so I'm looking forward to picking up the second at some point! :-) But at the moment I'm am too busy trying to catch them all. Again.
  2. Yeah you'll be pleased haha
  3. I just finshed downloading it as we speak! I haven't had a chance to listen to it because it was oddly taking ages to download yesterday (my internet connection is rubbish!). I hope Sarah got my... somewhat dumb... question!
  4. heyy be sure to check out the 3rg podcast this week.
  5. Now that we're friends, nothing can stand in our way!
  6. I sent you a message, dude. I actually sent you a message before I saw your visitor comment! Thanks for remembering :-)
  7. hey man, we finally got the donation thing set up, how much did you donate back in the day?
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