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  1. So kind of you. I'll message when I have some time to dig through and choose something for you. BTW - started on round three of WA today. Can't get enough. LOL
  2. I would love to read what you write.. If you are inclined to share
  3. awesome! You too charlie!
  4. I love a good story! The ones I write are usually Sci-fi or paranormal and always with romance. Just a romantic at heart I guess. Maybe why I am so hopeful that things will work out for the WA couples. Have a zombie-free day!
  5. you write? what sorts of stuff?
  6. me either I am going through the episodes again from start to finish.. I can't wait for the next part.
  7. Oh yeah! Once I found WA late last year, it only took me a weekend to get caught up from the beginning. I have no will power. LOL
  8. this is a great place and its a better story.. have you gotten though all the chapters?
  9. Thanks, for the welcome!
  10. Howdy! welcome!
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