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  1. Burned my Mouth with Awesome.

    Since this is my personal blog, I shall blog.

    I had an awesome day, when to two different Buffets with two different types of Asian cuisine. The first was the "Taal," a restaurant with Indian cuisine. It was crazy good, butter chicken with Garlic Naan, some chili chicken and rice, and a little Tandoori chicken. But, the best thing I had was... A GREEN CHILI, I can't believe how much spice that little thing packed. Me and my two friends ate one whole and raw, one of us kind of freaked ...
  2. Technical Difficulties ARE THE SUCK.

    What's up guys? I'm gonna tell you a little about my night.

    After spending a few hours prepping for We're Not Dead, I hopped onto Skype and attempted to chitchat with one of tonight's would-be guests. But oh, what was this? The guest couldn't hear my voice! No worries, right? Juuuust a technical issue. SUUUPPPEEERRR easy to fix. Right? RIGHT?!


    My mic died. Went to the big...mic heaven in the sky. I even attempted to perform mic-surgery, but I ...
  3. iTunes Deems We're Not Dead "New & Noteworthy"

    When I woke up this morning, I was greeted by this little gem:

    How cool is this?! It makes me giddy like a school girl. I want to prance with unicorns under glinting rainbows.

    Thanks, everyone, for giving a podcast about a podcast a chance. We've received some very helpful (and awesome!) feedback thus far.

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