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    good job
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    thank you for sharing this.
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    On Tuesday, for my 1 o'clock appointment. I had a very routine internet install. Nothing major, all the lines were there, the house was already hooked up so the effort I had to put in would be minimal.
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    Im glad how far the guys and the series has gotten, it and the guys deserve it.

    As to what happened? Not a clue. Influx of spammers joining maybe? Not sure.
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    Does anyone else read this in Michael's voice?
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    Can't wait till I finally meet you guys! Safe travels.
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    thanks for the feedback
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    This is a cool idea... However, you changed verb tense in the middle of the story, if I'm not mistaken. I, honestly, would prefer it to be written in past tense. It definitely needs some work, but still a pretty cool idea.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gooer
    Hmm, interesting idea.....
    I know right
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    Hmm, interesting idea.....
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    Can't wait till I finally meet you guys! Safe travels.
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    Are the costs firm now at around $1500?
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    And then their were 7....
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    A friend and I will be driving from San Diego to meet up with you guys at the restaurant on Friday night. Looking forward to seeing you all there!
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