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  1. Weston's Wisdom

    Weston's Wisdom Will Return Late March 2012
    Weston's Wisdom
  2. Voodoo Lounge: Chapter 27 Predictions Unfinished Symphony Edition (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

    OWNER AND PROPRIETOR NOTE: I posted the closed for health reasons because I don't have a post that I'd really like to share with the populace. I wasn't able to really complete this chapter's blog post and I was always the student that refused to take partial credit for partial work. It's either completely done and I get full credit, or it's partially done and I sit on it and don't turn in anything and take the zero.

    I got stuck at the point I was trolling around the forum looking ...

    Updated Feb 27th, 2012 at 02:45 PM by nikvoodoo

    The Voodoo Lounge , The Voodoo Lounge
  3. Lounge closed for health inspections

    Voodoo lounge is currently closed for health reasons. We may have to skip chapter 27. apologies. We will reopen once medically cleared.
  4. Reaper's Corner Has Seen the Face of Valor

    [COLOR=#add8e6]i just got back from the movies, and i couldn't wait to tell you guys all about, Act of Valor.

    the first thing you need to know is that this movie is all about respect. the seals wouldn't even be a part of it unless the names of all the seals who have fallen since combat operations began in the middle east were listed at the end. this movie sheds a lot of light on what those guys do, how they do it, and the risks they take. the second thing you need to know, is that this ...
  5. Voodoo Lounge- Chapter 26 Wrap Up (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

    Oh me oh my........well.......wasn't than an interesting development??!!

    My apologies for not giving you the chance to vote this last time. Again, I was really really crunched on time when posting the predictions and it wasn't until after part 2 posted when I realized....."Well crap......" but I promise this next time will be better. After all, I'll have eons of time to get the vote up what with ...
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