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  1. The W/A Convoy Timeline

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    So for those of you who are interested in going on the WA Convoy trip this July, I've gone through another revision of the itinerary, this time carefully mapping out the times involved, and it's looking like this:

    Tues 7/15
    7am: Leave Todd's place, drive 1.5 hours to Merramac Caverns
    9-12pm: Caverns tour, should be back on the road by noon at the latest
    12-7pm: Long, 7 hour drive to campsite
    7pm: Camp at El Reno, OK (just west of OK city)

    Updated Apr 9th, 2014 at 06:05 PM by Litmaster

  2. state of the convoy: the devil is in the details

    the we're alive finale convoy idea first came to me during the season three live event. as I sat in my living room listening to the livestream experience, I thought "how cool would it be to make it out there for the finale next year?". From there, my first idea was to pick up listeners along my way out to California. the more I thought about that one though, the more I realized that perhaps it would be better to try and help get the east coasters over to the west. about a week ago, litmaster gave ...

    Updated Jan 28th, 2014 at 12:49 AM by 7oddisdead

  3. Year 3!

    Hello, once again Ladies and Gentlemen.

    Here we have arrived, another full revolution around this great fusion reactor of a life-giver we call Sol. January 21st, the day when Kc threw down the chains of oppression called Ye olde forum of Olde and evolved to the vBulletin ways.

    Yearly news:

    Some people who were once engaged are now married! The forum has been upgraded, again, and the staff roster has been added to.

    However, there is always ...
  4. Unrelated To A Pandemic: A Love Letter To Leonard.

    by , Aug 20th, 2013 at 10:58 AM (Discovering A Pandemic)
    The following entry has absolutely nothing to do with We're Alive or the world created by Kc and friends.

    Iím going to take another minute, and break with the usual DaP format to honor the passing of a literary giant. Well, giant is arguable, but for my money there are very few writers on par with the late Elmore Leonard. His works have influenced the genre, have inspired, and have brought so much to the world as a whole. To say the least, Iím a fan. Leonard has been one of the biggest
  5. Reviving A Pandemic: The Beginning of The End

    by , Jul 14th, 2013 at 10:06 AM (Discovering A Pandemic)
    DISCLAIMER: The following blog may contain material some may consider to be spoiler worthy. It is recommended that you read at your own risk. I could claim responsibility for you not paying attention to this warning, but I won't. That said, I'm going to forego any further warnings of spoilers within the blog.

    I'd also like to take a brief moment to apologize for my absence over the last few months? Has it been months since the last issue? I can't remember. Doesn't matter, I'm back and ...
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