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  1. Testing out my blog

    Just doing some tests to see how this works is all.
  2. This f*ckin' Stuff!!

    Iíve never been one to get all mushy. But as I sit here sipping on my sangria, I canít help but wonder ifís made with fermented Ďmember berries. Or maybe Iím just a little drunk and all nostalgic. Whatever! Who caresÖ At the end of the day, itís awesome to see how far this podcast has come. 50 million downloads!! Comic-Con!! Part of the Nerdist Podcast Galaxy!! > 13K forum members!! Damn Mainframe. Itís great to see such an amazing production getting the recognition it deserves.

  3. were alive written progress!

    A story of survival
    Ch.1 part 1 of 3
    "As I recall the months leading up to when this all happened werenít much to remember. My unit returned home earlier that year from our tour in Iraq. I had spent 365 on ground working as military Intelligence; our group came up with those playing cards you saw on the news. The 52 most wanted. I was a hard charge P.F.C. back then, but that was the first tour. After the third I was the tired and depressed ...
    Tags: fan fiction
  4. We're Alive Convoy Final Head Count

    These are the finalized participants in the one and only We're Alive Convoy!

    Main Convoy Participants (9 Total)
    Witch Doctor

    Other People Joining Up for Part of the Trip
    AdrianHD (hopefully coming with us from ABQ)
    Deacon Tyler (who better drive his ass down from Vegas, at least for the Irwin / local stuff)
    Cabbage Patch (who will hook ...

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  5. Exploration of Survival part 4. Blog 45 ... Falls hurt and leave bruises.

    by , Mar 28th, 2014 at 12:45 PM (Alive Anonymous "A place for help on the season breaks.")
    My last fall number 14 Yes I fell 14 times. It seems that there is a technique to walking in snow that I didn't master till we had to leave. The phrase "Pick em up and put them down" is forever branded into my soul along with every sticker bush in the entire state of Illinois which found its way into my flesh.

    I decided to try and be helpful and put my new hatchet to use. I had watched Chris chop half way through a larger dead fall log then kick it to break the log the rest of ...

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