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    For years it was believed that eliminating capillaries from the legs was impossible without undergoing painful and above all risky treatment for health. All this until it is proven that علاج الشعيرات الدموية بالليزر makes capillaries invisible completely safe for those undergoing treatment.

    Laser treatment for capillaries on the legs

    Capillaries, called telangiectasias, are tiny red or blue veins visible on the skin, creating true blemishes. They arise mainly on the legs, especially on the thighs. However it can also arise on other parts of the body such as the face.

    In almost all cases capillaries arise in women.

    Causes of capillaries on the legs

    The formation of الشعيرات الدموية is due to several reasons, let's see together below the main ones.

    hormonal imbalance

    May change to vascular permeability in the microcirculation. Hormonal imbalances lead to capillaries appearing on the back of the foot, ankles and calves. Menopause, pregnancy, taking contraceptives, and menstruation can aggravate the appearance of capillaries.

    venous insufficiency

    One in three cases of capillary reappearance is due to venous insufficiency. In these cases, capillaries are often accompanied by varicose veins. In cases of venous insufficiency people also suffer from swelling and a feeling of heaviness in the legs, tingling, itching and other complaints such as cellulite.


    Everyday habits can trigger capillaries. Among the main risk factors: smoking and alcohol consumption, high blood pressure, decreased physical activity, activities that require you to sit or stand too much, and being overweight.

    An important role in the appearance of capillaries is played by an individual lifestyle, especially nutrition and the lack of usual physical activity.

    other reasons

    Capillaries can also arise for other reasons such as trauma and familial predisposition. In the case of family predisposition, people suffer from capillary fragility, which often adversely affects microcirculation.

    Traditional treatments for capillaries on the legs

    Over the years, various treatments have been used to combat capillaries. Among the main treatments are thermal, sclerotherapy, or needle equipment applications. These treatments share multiple side effects and the fact that they are intended to eliminate or close capillaries but not to cure them.

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